Friday, March 11, 2011

Hall of doors: The Altered Alice

Welcome to my submission for The Altered Alice Chapter 2 challenge: Hall of doors!

This is an appropriate challenge for all of you crafters out there: After all, what is art, but a search for something bigger or smaller, lighter or darker, stranger or ... normal-er.

Despite not being able to finish that previous sentence with the flourish it deserves, it's true that we're all opening and closing doors to find ourselves and the odd, tardy rabbit within.

So, it was with pleasure that I began this project by spray painting an Altoid tin in my not well-ventilated craft room. Oh well, bye bye to six more brain cells ...

Burning through IQ didn't keep this project from turning out nearly the way it appeared in my mind: In fact, aside from the slightly cartoony feel of the interior contents, I'm very, very happy with this creation.

It's no small wonder: Which of us doesn't love this sort of thing? A gloss white enamel base covered in various colors and densities of alcohol inks, rock candy distress stickles, color wash and archival ink stamping.

Add some ribbon, a fragment, hitch fastener doorknob, key, shrink-plastic rabbit, tiny Fimo cupcake ... and *insert magic wand sound here* ... art! Yay!

Maybe I should try to rid myself of more brain cells. I seem to benefit from the loss.

While I'm busy killing off unnecessary thoughts of work and clean dishes, spend a little time over at The Altered Alice. They've got amazing inspirational design team art and until March 25 to finish up your own crafty door!


  1. could be the magic mushroom in the tin there? This is completely wack in a brillient way all the outside the tin embellishments and then so bright and different inside very much leaving one world and entering another. XOXO Zoe

  2. After a couple of Margaritas and surely killing off some brain cells, is the little rabbit riding on altered styrofoam? I love every little detail in this altered tin! The cupcake, Alice fragment, the doorknob and let us not forget the mushroom are brilliant details! You don't need those missing brain cells! Happy weekend!

  3. Totally terrific and way outside the box, brilliant. Love the background inside the tin as well. Have a great weekend. Annette x

  4. totally awesome altered box.


  5. Wow, this is so much fun, I love the rabbit on his bike. A great box. xx

  6. This is so interesting. I love the white rabbit on wheels!
    Sue xx

  7. Love your altered tin, what a great take on our challenge. Love all the details. Tracy Evans x

  8. Your remaining brain cells sure are creative, and I love your writing style! Love the tin, love the ricrac, but especially the inside - I am longing for a bicycle-riding rabbit of my very own! Where on earth did you find that image, it is FANTASTIC, lol! And a mellow yellow mushroom, oh so very Alice!!!! The whole thing is charming. Wonderful interpretation of the challenge and thanks SO MUCH for playing along!

  9. If this is what you get when you lose brain cells, maybe it's time I shed a few of my own :)

  10. vim aplaudir

    pela menção Honrosa no blog Alteref Alice


    amei a ideia e já comprei uma lata...