Friday, August 20, 2010

Distress stickles: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

This week's Studio L3 Compendium challenge, Distress Stickles, resulted in two completed projects for me. How about you?

Actually, by the official end of the challenge week (Sunday, Aug. 22 at 8 p.m. Mountain Time), I'll probably have a couple more ... because who doesn't enjoy glitter-covered fingertips?

My "official" project is the one you see here with stickled flowers and strangely compelling octopus. This piece has a lot of squeal in it.

First, there's the copper sentiment plate ... it's from a pack found on the clearance aisle at Joann's. Have you checked out Joanns' clearance? You should. Every other week or so. Because Jo, she understands clearance. This once-upon-a-time $3 four-pack of plates was marked down to fifty cents. FIFTY CENTS! A few weeks ago we picked up about two dozen packets of embellishments for less than $10.

I'm especially "Eeeee!!" about these finds because our Dear Mr. Holtz has taught us how to alter things so that what began life as Cheap Craft Store quickly becomes Chic. Yay!

Alright, so the next thing about this colorful underwatery, ahm, thing ... those flowers! Yay again!

Last week, perhaps the week previous, one of the Compendium Challenge participants had created some really outstanding flowers which made me very jealous. Basically, this artist of whom I'm ashamed to admit I can not remember the name, had punched a bunch of flowers. All exactly the same except she had colored, curled and layered so that they appeared to be multiple cuts of different sizes and shapes.

Cool, huh? OK, so I was determined to copy this neat and simple, but beautiful, technique. I figured that between my current limited craft budget and even more limited local craft options ... might be months before I could emulate these awesome flowers.

But, My Guy, Jebus love him, he found a Fiskars extra-large Oopsie Daisy punch, used a Michael's 40-percent off coupon and brought the punch home for $9!

Finally, the octopus paper is from K&Company and it represents something of a new move for me. You see, I'm a saver. Not a hoarder, a saver. I can throw away garbage: That's the distinction, in case you were wondering.

As a saver, I flip through a stack of paper and, if a page seems really, really cool and unique I will probably want to use it. And probably won't. Because then it'll be used, you know?

What if I can't find more? What if I can't afford more? What if I ruin the paper before finishing the project? Can you tell I'm a worrier?

Then, about a month ago, something happened that reminded me ... well ... can't take it with you, you know? Silly people, no one died. I turned 40. For Tee.

And I have sheets of paper I've been saving since I was a teenager. No kidding. Do you remember the Mrs. Grossman's teddy bear stickers from the 1980's? The ones people would stick to paper and draw balloon strings from the paw to little sticker balloons? Yeah? Those stickers. I still have a sheet of them.

I'm saving them. For what? In case.

Because if Armageddon comes and the survivors are those who still have 80's teddy bear stickers to protect them from Big Scary Shit, stand behind me people, I'm ready.

Anyway, the point is that for the rest of my life I'm going to Use My Stuff. And if I run out? Huh. Guess I'll jump that empty craft bin when it tips over.

Oh, yes, the second creation was actually my first one that started out "Ouu, love monochromatic with real computer screws" and ended up "Uh-oh, too monochromatic to photograph well."

I'm sure glad I started again, though. I've got nothing against the very brown and tan project, but I really love the sea life flower thing.

Thanks for stopping by and reading all of my blathering this week ... now get over to L3's Compendium Challenge and Use Your Stuff!


  1. LOL! OMG! And I'll join you protecting the survivors with my unicorn stickers and glittery butterfly ones as well!! I do have a problem between hoarder and saver; some persons garbage is another's treasure--Oh, I'm a hoarder?? Ah well-I can live with that, I guess.
    Anyway, besides finding a kindred spirit with paper use; I so love your card, and those flowers are fantastic! Have a great weekend.

  2. WOW! Gorgeous card, love those colours :)

  3. Do you want to know how much I love the fact that you used an octopus stamp in your entry this week? That is totally random and TOO COOL! And the flowers? Don't get me started. They rock! They are FABULOUS!

    Your monochromatic piece photographed quite well, I think, and it's pretty freaking awesome, too. Love the screws in the corners. I mean, I love hardware store bits, anyway, but you really made the most of these.

    Your art is spectacular, and your blog posts are, too. And now I have to go to Jo's to see what she's got on clearance!

  4. Wow fabulous, love the great colours, octopus, flowers.....well all of it, just terrific. Love your monochromatic piece as well. Being a saver is great especially when we suddenly find some things that we totally fell in love with a few years ago and we can gaze happily upon them again.......have a great weekend. Annette x

  5. And I'll be standing down Armageddon with ya ba-bee, 'cuz I've still got Mrs. Grossman's Teddy Bear stickers, too. So. There. B.ig S.cary S.hit can jess back offa me now, too.

    Tooo funny ... I'm LOLOL'ing over here at your fabulous and fun post, Kiddo! Really got me to thinking about B.S.S. and using up stuff, too.

    In fact, last week .. or the week before ... I forget, I decided to start Hittin'. The. Designer. Paper. Stash. I've been .... eeekkkkk ... cutting into my hoarded DP! And then I post about it ... and everyone agrees it's a great idea and 'oooohs' and 'ahhhhhs' over the pretty paper I used to have. You might like it. Next Thursday. Fer Sure.

    LOVE your projects ... very cool. His Holiness, Tim, would approve with two giant thumbs up! As do I ... without the holiness, though ...

    Sending hugs ... have a great weekend, Sweetie ... and thanks for the giggles and smiles!

  6. Fabulous colours. These flowers are great with those great big shiny centres, and Mr Octopus is terrific.


  7. You really make me laugh! Thank you. I love your" blathering". And I love your octopus and flowers too. When we go prawning sometimes an octopus comes up in a trap. They really are the most amazing animal. They can fit in any space that there beak will fit so they flow into crevices etc and there suction cups really work. I like your coaster too and that you are fighting the "saving" thing that has a hold on most of us. Cheers...Donna

  8. Love the colours and your flowers are fabulous!!
    Thanks for stopping by to see my tag!

  9. omg, I cannot believe that you still have the Mrs Grossman's stickers of teddy bears because so do I!!!!! In fact I should own up , I have several sheets, in a folder in a drawer, and now I have to find them!! rofl.. just because.. and yes using paper is hard cos you never know when you are going to get more.. I mean will you ever see it again?? I like stamps because of this.. never have to use them just the once! I actually feel a large blogpost coming on because of what you have written:))) Love your stickles project btw, and thank you for showing... off now to find my teddy bear stickers psml
    Thank you
    Hugs x

  10. WOW!! Gorgeous creations!! Love the colors in the octopus card!! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  11. Your pieces are so different but they are both fab. Love the colours and flowers of your first piece.