Sunday, January 20, 2013

A winged steam chest to hold your heart's desire

This mini wood chest was first colored with black distress stain that was dry to the touch before bright red acrylic paint was applied.
However the red paint rewetted the black distress stain, mixed and melted, and became a gorgeous finish that mimics mahogany or, when observing from a few inches away, dark oiled leather.

Neat, huh?

Another cool thing that is fun to point out: The key is embedded in a hole I custom cut. So, the key is the drawer pull.

And believe it or not, cutting that perfectly-shaped and sized hole took less time than getting the embossed aluminum wings to stay attached.

As always, tell me what you think of this piece and thank you for dropping by for a visit!

Friday, January 18, 2013

A pretty little Fran├žais chest

Ouu! Do you like my vintage French inspired chest? Me too!

Especially the extra neat pink pom pom embellishment on the lid! You can find this wonderful pom pom fringe at Alpha Stamps.

This chest is roughly three inches square, painted white, wrapped with sewing pattern tissue, coated in Mod Podge and adorned with an ornate plate, three paper flowers (unknown maker), a cast stainless knob and an idea-ology adornment crown.

Thanks for dropping by, and for offering your input my friends ... I'm off to build and adorn another wood cabinet!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A cabinet of favorites ready for the caravan

Throughout my life I've loved in nearly equal measure the toys of creativity, crayons, construction paper, paint and scissors, and the things that house them, crates, bins, boxes, chests and cabinets.

My art reveal for the day is a combination of these interests: A lovely Gypsy Sideshow Performer Treasure Cabinet!

The cabinet and drawer are made from ten wood ATCs, one wood drawer pull, four wood hole plugs (feet) and a handful of copper weatherstripping nails.

Add a few layers of paint, crackly stuff, ink and distressing along with about a foot of chain, twelve charms and one drawer pull and we're finished!

Best of all is that we have a piece of art that also serves a practical purpose -- my favorite form of art!

Let me know what you think!

Before paining, crackling, distressing, embellishing ...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A steamy little ATC

Only as I'm writing this does it cross my mind that I could have used paper or cardboard just as effectively for today's project, but it seems I can't stop using my wood ATCs!

Anyway this looks cool as a thick piece.

Alright, so today we're looking at a wood ATC wrapped in Nashua Premium Foil Tape (seven bucks at Home Depot!). Details here were added with an embossing tool (to create the "rivets") that were then rubbed with black paint. Using a dry towel I wiped off most of the paint while it was still partially wet.

The two cogs are cut from chip board using Movers & Shapers dies. I sprayed the cogs with Krylon glitter blast, and managed to add an aged look by dipping them in a pool of tea dye distress stain that I dried with a heat gun.

Our top hatted man is from a Wendy Vecchi set and is heat embossed in copper.

Finally, and whew am I glad we're at the last step because I've begun to despise describing the details that go into these projects, I wound 24 gauge wire around a pencil to create a steampunky coil. The coil ends are pushed into holes made with a Dremel tool and secured on the back with a sticky-back magnet.

So, yeah, as with so many of my wood ATCs this also is a magnet.

Thanks for dropping by and telling me what you think of this project!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Paper mache boxes and handmade earrings

Last year I made four sets of simple, beaded earrings for my amazing and fun coworkers.

Rather than wrapping each set or hunting for teeny, tiny gift bags I opted for four paper mache boxes.

Each of these I painted with white distress stain before using distress ink to color the edges and corners. I stamped a sentiment on the sides and a related image on the top of each of the boxes.

Then I punched two holes in the sides of the box lids and wound twine/ribbon through the holes so that each box had a bow, but could be "unwrapped" by just removing the box top.

Finally, a custom cut insert held the earrings for pretty presentation.

Best of all, because I'm like most of you and have on hand oodles of supplies and art stuff, I only needed to purchase a package of bead caps: This entire project cost less than $5!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My muse is on fire!

Today I had three brilliant ideas! THREE!

Here they are ...

You get it? Three bright ideas? Three bulbs?

Have I mentioned that after examining how often I've bellied up to the bar lately ... decided to take a breather for a few weeks.

Now yours truly is on the wagon until Saint Patrick's Day.

My art won't suffer. But my humor is definitely less ... humorous.

Betcha can't wait for Saint Patrick's Day now!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Final round of wood ATCs

If you're already fed up with what seems to be an endless string of wood ATCs from me ... welcome to a post with a couple more!

The first piece features a main element that is a domed 'jar' with a vintage pen nib and a clear sticker that I carefully stamped so that the bottle appears to have a weeny ink label.

Wondering at the reason this creation also has "why" stamped on it in big red letters? Me too! I have no idea. I guess it seemed like the right thing to do. Now it seems like the stupid thing to do. But once the deed is done, as they say ...

I think this "writing on the wall" piece is such crap that I wouldn't usually show it to you ... but I adore the pen nib in the bottle with the tiny ink label! And, the Dresden edging. And the background. I guess I like all of the individual elements, just not the way I've put them together!

On to the blue piece. Here we've got a lovely tissue wrap background, inked in blues and stamped with a tree. My favorite bit on this ATC is the fence.

Do you remember the gothic arch charm I posted? Believe it or not I used one of the throw-away bits from that charm to stamp/emboss and attach as fence posts!

Honestly I think that fence is freaking brilliant!

Finally, my last wood ATC ... until I have time to create another handful ... is a departure from my usual grungy stuff.

Marilyn Monroe, one of the greatest beauties of all time, is looking damn near haggard in this photo. Of course that means it needed the snarky "hot like Marilyn" text!

I mean, if Marilyn still seems desirable while she's holding a lit cigarette between two fingers, swiping a third finger across a colored lip, dazedly glaring at the camera from her uncomfortably reclined position ... the rest of us can't look too bad when we're really, genuinely working what Mother Nature gave us. Right?

Totally ... we've *got* it girls!

I'm also hoping that I haven't used that Marilyn image illegally. I spend two hours last night scouring the internet trying to figure out where I first found it, the name of the photographer, the publisher ... anything that would reveal if this is a copyrighted or public domain image.

All I could find was a Web site run by someone who seemed to think they are "outing" Marilyn as a smoker. Congratulations Sherlock. You broke the case!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

CC2C Final challenge: Your favorite for Tim's birthday

In this, Linda's final Compendium of Curiosities volume II Challenge, we've been asked to use our favorite technique from either of Tim's compendiums to create a card for The Master whose birthday is tomorrow (Janaury 7).

I've been focused lately on wood ATCs, so instead of a card I made a wooden, ATC-sized, Tim-specific magnet!

My favorite technique is Rusted enamel from page 41 of Tim's first Compendium. I use this technique so often that I've several times run out of clear embossing powder (one of the technique's main "ingredients").

As usual when talking about a technique from one of Tim's books, we don't give too many specifics, but please note that I used distress stain in place of distress ink for step five (because I'm working with wood rather than paper).

Alright, now that I've finished sharing the important challenge-related details I can get back to my normal silly, snarky self ... with the following story.

I've never been a joiner or follower or ever had interest in team-related activities, so around our house I am teased because of how often My Guy has to endure me talking about Tim or Tim's technique or Tim's new die or Tim's some such yadda yadda.

I should have a Tim fish on my car, rather than the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Anyhow, when I finished this piece and demanded (I'm pushy) that My Guy give his usual critique he commented on the interesting color layers resulting from the technique and the stamped navigation sign, but said nothing about the name "Tim."

Just as I was about to ask My Guy why he hadn't given me his normal smarty-pants, falsetto exclamation of "Oh Tim!", he said "I'm surprised you didn't make a locket so you could keep Tim close your heart."

Why can't I ever learn to simply walk away before there's time for mocking?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another collection of wood ATCs

We've got three more of the wood ATCs to show today, two for tomorrow Monday and because it's me ... we miss checking out about a half dozen that were shipped before photographing.


On to the art and a wish that you're enjoying a relaxed, art-filled first weekend of 2013:

genuine ideas

Find your wings


Friday, January 4, 2013

Vacation projects and my latest obsession

Lately I can't seem to stop thinking about my wooden artist trading cards. Painted, stained, decoupaged ... adding nails, drilling anchor holes, adhering frilly stuff ... there's no end to the fun I can have with these!

Today I'm showing off four of the magnet-backed projects I completed during my holiday vacation: I'll post a few more tomorrow and Sunday.

I hope you love the results!

Don't tell
Our friendship is priceless

Primitive birdhouse

Soft and snarky

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

May the new year be the best yet

May every joy of the past year go with you into the new year, while all the sorrows stay behind.

May the words love, hope, art, share and friend be the words you use most in 2012.

May you know nothing but laughter after this moment.

May you live a life of freedom and selflessness in 2013.

And may you visit here whenever these wishes don't come true ... together we'll pretend they did!

The Cat's away at Alpha Stamps

The good folks at Alpha Stamps are celebrating the last week of 2012 with the fifth annual installment of "While The Cat's Away."

They've got plenty of ideas for projects, and even more sale surprises so that you can pick up some of the coolest items they stock!

Why am I telling you about this? First, because I love the stuff at Alpha Stamps (in fact, Santa left a very nice package for me that had been filled at Alpha Stamps).

Second, because prizes are involved ... go check it out ... RIGHT HERE!