Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gothic arches become primitive art charms

I'm continually surprised by what we create because it so often begins as one thing and ends up being something entirely different.

Today's project, using a fancy gothic window from AlphaStamps, careened away from my original intention of a modern styling and ended up in this primitive style with a somewhat voyeuristic theme.

I can't remember what caused this change except to point you to nearly all of my previous posts ... in which my typical inability to Stick With A Subject is apparent.

Anyhow, I love the Dresden border and the crackled pink finish and the adorable couple who are just about to kiss.

In the full picture our lovers are on the way to sharing a cocktail provided by cupid. That makes so much more sense than cupid with a backpack full of arrows, don't you agree?

Now I need to get back to creating since I have eleven more fancy gothic windows sitting on my craft desk!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A moon who is happy, but not giddy

This piece is for a friend whose father passed away several years ago during a full moon.

Understandably, she has an ever-deepening attachment to full moons and related imagery.

The moon you see today is a vintage image from the Graphics Fairy. He's a favorite of mine and one I've used previously because he seems content and happy, but not giddy.

I'm not a fan of giddy-looking celestial beings ... those and very, unbelievably happy clowns Freak Me Out.

Because happiness of that level only comes from insanity or pharmaceuticals or sex. Not that I have a problem with blissful sex, it's the intersecting thoughts of s-e-x and clowns ... that ... ewww.

Hopefully I'm not offending anyone out there with a perfectly normal clown fetish.

And now I suppose it's time to wrap up this post since I've again worked myself far away from the original topic.

Aren't you impressed that I can so thoroughly lose track of a subject?

Enjoy your day my friends ... if you can stop thinking about crazy-happy clowns and whatever it is that made them that way.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hark. 'Tis a 10-second blog post

One black card base.

Pearl white background.

Gold tinsel embossed work "hark."

Two Octopode Stars and Lily Chilvers' Octopode "Whimsical Christmas Angel".

Stars, eyes and halo popped with Glossy Accents.


Simple. Clean. Adorable.

A holiday card fit for a unique and wonderful friend!