Saturday, December 22, 2012

A moon who is happy, but not giddy

This piece is for a friend whose father passed away several years ago during a full moon.

Understandably, she has an ever-deepening attachment to full moons and related imagery.

The moon you see today is a vintage image from the Graphics Fairy. He's a favorite of mine and one I've used previously because he seems content and happy, but not giddy.

I'm not a fan of giddy-looking celestial beings ... those and very, unbelievably happy clowns Freak Me Out.

Because happiness of that level only comes from insanity or pharmaceuticals or sex. Not that I have a problem with blissful sex, it's the intersecting thoughts of s-e-x and clowns ... that ... ewww.

Hopefully I'm not offending anyone out there with a perfectly normal clown fetish.

And now I suppose it's time to wrap up this post since I've again worked myself far away from the original topic.

Aren't you impressed that I can so thoroughly lose track of a subject?

Enjoy your day my friends ... if you can stop thinking about crazy-happy clowns and whatever it is that made them that way.

1 comment:

  1. You are a riot! I think not only is your art amazing, but so are you! Are you ready for Santa?? Hugs!