Friday, January 13, 2012

Our vote goes to the green bananas

Last July I discovered the recipe Madoya at Guam Firehouse Cook
It's a super-simple dessert recipe that is basically deep-fried bananas. You'll want to try the original recipe as written by blogger Rueben, then maybe come back here for my twisted up version.

Battered bananas enjoying a relaxing soak in hot oil.
This recipe excited me because bananas are one of my favorite foods, and because the recipe suggests the use of plantains, an ingredient I had never tried.

After our August expedition turned up no even slightly green bananas, and no plantains, we finally got this project back on the current To Do list ... about two weeks ago.

So, a few days back My Guy and I were standing in the grocery store's fruit section discussing whether we should choose a few very, very green bananas or dive into the plantains of which we knew nothing, when a young woman helpfully explained why we'd prefer the plantains. She even helped us choose what she believed to be the best-looking fruits.

What a nice lady, huh?
I sure which she'd been at my house during the batter-coating, deep-frying day. Because those things were nasty.
Relaxed bananas are sweet and gooey!
As I said though, this was our first experience with plantains. Ours were dry and flavorless. Maybe that's the way they taste in America, after sitting who knows how long in a shipping crate, and then in a grocery store for another week until some unsuspecting recipe tester brings them home.

We chopped them up, threw them on the brown winter lawn and watched quail and squirrels happily munch. Silly animals. They'll eat anything.

Back in the kitchen, just yesterday, we peeled a handful of slightly-green bananas, dipped them in Rueben's batter and fried as directed in the recipe.

Hopefully we'll find some day-glo-green bananas to try, but until then the slightly-green, deep-fried fruits were delicious ... mushy and delicious (we'll have a less mushy finish when we find greener fruit).

Finally, my twisted version of the recipe: Add to the original batter a bit of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and about a teaspoon of orange peel.
We also agreed with Rueben on another point: Madoya is as addictive as potato chips ... loosen your belt before digging in!


  1. Hey, I came here earlier and could not comment! These look so delicious! I am sure I would enjoy your twisted up version, which is what I add to my cranberry sauce with a pinch of salt vanilla! Oh potato chips are my favorite and I have no self control. It is so sad!

    Happy Weekend and I hope you do something fun!

  2. That's a very yummy post - love bananas, too.

  3. CuddlyBunny, I am so glad you enjoyed the Madoya recipe. And I loved your version also. That is one of the joys of cooking, experimentation. I am going to try out your version.

    We typically just whip this up for an early morning snack along with a nice, hot cup of coffee.

    The bananas we use are we we call Palau or cooking bananas. We use them when the banana just turns yellow. The banana, after it is fried, will be soft. That is the consistency that is preferred here on Guam and surrounding islands.

    But I have eaten bananas all over and there are many other ways to enjoy them.

    I like this recipe because it is simple and you get to really enjoy the flavor of the banana.

    Try this out on the green sweet bananas like "Del Monte" or "Chiquita" types. Their sweetness rises to the top when fried.

    Also check my blog post out when I went to the Philippines. I mentioned a banana that I tried at Reyes BBQ. That was great also.

    I enjoyed your post. Don't forget to visit my other blog BBQGuam at:

    Hope to see you come for a visit.


  4. That sounds delish.. I love bananas too, although hubby can't stand them. That o.k more for me :0)
    Never tried plantains, sounds like a good thing to stay away from. Aren't you sweet feeding the wildlife. Hope they liked them better than you did! LOL
    Hugs Lynn