Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lucky, lucky, lucky: That's me

I probably should have mentioned this luck before, but I'm a fairly new blogger and wasn't sure about appropriate blogging manners.

You see, folks, I've been very, very lucky the past few months. Lucky, that is, in addition to having a good life with a Good Guy and good family and good friends and good job and good home.

When you look around, and everything is basically good (as it is for most of us), it's hard to be especially lucky and say "Woohoo! Lucky me!" without worrying that what it SOUNDS like you're saying "Neener, neener! Look at me!"

So, here I'm finally sharing, "Woohoo! Lucky me!" I really hope you don't mind, and please, please visit the people who made me so lucky!

The first time I shouted "Woohoo!" was back in February. I won a completely awesome Be Mine package from a raffle I participated in at A Scrapper's and Stamper's Delight in my hometown of Twin Falls, Idaho.

I didn't expect to win anything, and wasn't looking for the prize. I wanted to support a wonderful cause: Go HERE to read about Kennady and her family.

How cool is that? I won a prize of awesome stickers and papers and things AND got the opportunity to support a family in my own home town.

Alright, now we're up to lucky day number two. Everyday Cricut (used to be, I think, Holidays with the Cricut), led me to this second "Woohoo!"

While the Everyday Cricut blog focuses on creating with Cricut, it hardly ends there. You can get all sorts of ideas for layouts and color combinations and sentiments. Plus, they have frequent give-a-ways.

And I WON a March give-a-way! The prize turned out to be brads and rub-ons and buttons and card stock embellishments and stickers and papers! As I told the Everyday Cricut ladies ... winning ANYTHING is awesome, but I was stunned when I saw everything in this prize. Honestly. I'm STILL overwhelmed when I look at this stuff ... and it arrived at my house more than month ago!

Of course, I've since received one more prize that has left me aghast: The BoBunny Bag raffle. Again from my hometown folks over at Scrappers and Stampers, this prize included an adorable BoBunny bag along with more embellishments, paper packs, stamps, adhesives and other goodies than I've had in my hands at one time!

Is it OK to admit that I giggled like a fiend? A paper, glue and glitter-loving FIEND?

I did. A fiend.

So, thanks to all of you scrappers and stampers and gluers and glitterers who gave me a jolt of fun these past few months, it's been awesome having all of these things to play with, many of which are completely new to me.

For everyone else: Please help me share a thank you by stopping by Everyday Cricut and Scrappers and Stampers Delight (remember that SSD isn't only a storefront on a calm, downtown street in southern Idaho ... it's also an on-line store).

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  1. You say "lucky," I say "Good things happen to nice people!" I'm so glad you've been on the receiving end of so much cool stuff!

    SSD opened a store here in Boise a few months ago, and I can't stay away from that place! It's dangerous... it's like crack. Sparkle crack. I could very easily divert my mortgage payment into that store on a monthly basis. I'm going to be in Twin Falls visiting my parents soon, and I can't WAIT to check out the original shop! Oh, my poor credit card. This may do it in.

    But that's beside the point. The point is:
    Enjoy all your fun new toys!!! WooHOO! :-)