Monday, November 7, 2011

Spots, pox and wedding day polka dots

A coworker recently got to take an even earlier last day than she'd planned.

Thanks to chicken pox.

She contracted the dreaded disease of spots and dots and chalky topical creams shortly after her replacement was hired.

Her replacement who had never had chicken pox. So, goodbye to her one week early.

I hope she didn't have to use up sick time and therefore get cheated out of that final "extra" pay.

Anyhow, I made a card for her celebrating her pox! The background is lightly inked and stamped with bubble wrap that I brushed with Perfect Pearls.

The butterfly is made up of wings and a dot from some packages of pre-cut Grunge shapes that I inked and embossed with clear glitter powder.

The "SPOTS" text, stamped and embossed in black, is from a Close To My Heart set and the "seeing" text is from a ProvoCraft stamp.

My coworker, by the way, had to resign because she's getting married and moving to another country. I'm not sure of her wedding date, but I'm crossing my fingers that her pox cleared up before then.

Does any bride want to wear polka dots on her wedding day?


  1. Oh this is gorgeous.
    Wonderful details. Love it.

  2. what an awesome peice of art!! great idea with the "seeing spots" girl..hope she is better for her big day..tfs..loves ya

  3. A real fun card, It will cheer your friend when she looks at this one. Its a terrible thing to get as an adult. Yvonne x

  4. A fantastic card, love your butterfly.

  5. this is beautiful!!! gorgeous card!! =)
    hugs, SannaS

  6. Oh no! What a way to retire! I see spots, I think Dalmatian! I am sure this thoughtful card just cheered her up! Love the background with the PP and BW and the butterfly is gorgeous! Hope you are having a great week!

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  8. What a great imagination you have. I am sure this will put a small on her spotty face. Lovely job. Poor mate....Donna

  9. Never thought to use bubble wrap for stamping a background!!! Brilliant idea. Do hope your workmate got over her spots before the big day.
    sorry for delay in commenting, just had to spend some time looking after elderly parents.
    Hugd Mrs A.

  10. oh my gosh Tracy, Only you would think to send her a Chicken spots card. Thats so funny. I'm sure it made her smile. I do hope she is over them by now?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving
    Hugs Lynn

  11. *knock knock knock* Anybody home? Just dropping by to see what's going on. Hope all is well with you and yours!

  12. happy new year!! =)
    hugs, SannaS