Sunday, October 30, 2011

Artist trading cards

Art, like so many things, comes in many sizes all of which are useful if you can learn how to best employ the differences (oh my yes, gentlemen, you'll be pleased to know: most of us girls agree this theory applies in *that* area, as well).

Anyhow, back in April I created my first ever Artist Trading Card project (for a Frosted Petunia's Artful Bag swap).

Since then I've continued to create mostly cards and altered art, but once a month or so find myself drawn to create more of these diminutive works of art known as ATCs.

Most of them have been crap (I didn't say *I* had learned to best employ the different sizes), still the three I've posted here turned out nicely and display multiple techniques including some from Tim Holtz, a few from other designers and maybe one or two from yours truly.

The first ATC also features one of the stamps from Holtzs' Stamper's Anonymous sets and a picture I trimmed out of a Burning Man calendar.

The second and third pieces are made with Octopode characters: The owl has glow-in-the-dark glitter eyes and the optic flower is mounted in front of a harlequin glow-in-the-dark glitter pattern. Neither of these are terribly visible in my photographs, of course, but they're completely awesome in a dark room.

Just to make sure I don't go too crazy with the trying things that don't relate in any way to artist and product creator Tim Holtz ... the fonts on the second and third ATCs are cut from one of Mr. Holtz's  Alterations strip (named Vintage Market and/or Carnivale, depending on where you look).

What do you think of my ATC's? Are they sweet and simple miniature works of art or tiny bits of trash?

Honestly, you can tell the truth. Because I already like them.

Which means that if you don't ... I'll just pretend that you do.


  1. omgosh are awesome at these...brrrr..shiver the first one reminds me of one of the old black n white movies ..(and one of many versions) "The Mummy" think i seen them all.. And Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds'..o
    tfs..hun..loves ya

  2. Wow your new work is fantastic.
    Amazing designs. Love them all.

    Happy Halloween.

  3. These are beautiful ATCs, and I love the image on the top one. It reminds me of the 'evolution of man' motif :)

  4. Your ATC's are works of art. Love the middle one, and that Mummy is quite awesome. Happy Halloween day. Yvonne x

  5. You've created wonderful ATCs. Your new blog design looks fabulous.

  6. here comes the truth: BRILLIANT!!!! absolute stunning ATCs!!!!!! WOW!!!! =)
    hugs, SannaS

  7. I go for they are definitely works of art. I am awed by that image in the first one and I like how you treated it. Wish I could see the glow in the dark glitter. The third one hits me on the head with totally brilliant.Happy Halloween!

  8. I do think they are all quite amazing! When I look back on some of my first cards, I can't even believe I did that and the same applies to my painting! You know, I have never made an ATC!

  9. I Love atc's there fast and so much fun to do. Yours are little darlings Tracy!!! Keep em coming!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and I've added you for the bonus!
    hugs Lynn

  10. Love that art in the sand..just amazing!