Monday, April 25, 2011

Frosted Petunias Artful Bag Challenge: April

Artful Bag ATC by CuddlyBunny (Tracy)
The Frosted Petunias Artful Bag challenge for April, ATC swap, has turned out to be a fun and exciting experience in sharing and kindness.

Shortly after signing up to join the swap, my first ever, I received a message from my partner, Jeanie Callaghan at All My Art.

We exchanged addresses, expressed our excitement and jumped in: Actually, I think Jeanie had planned ahead and was prepared with the gorgeous Asian-theme piece you see here ... complete with a lucky coin in the tiny bag! She also included in the mailing some wonderful papers and bits for own future ATC projects!

Unfortunately I was not so confident and spent a week or so just feeling very intimidated. In fact the photo of my piece was provided by the very patient Jeanie after I told her that in my nervousness I'd forgotten to photograph it before mailing.

Artful Bag ATC by Jeanie at All My Art
Anyhow, what I finally put together were a couple of ideas, including color and style preferences that Jeanie had expressed on her blog, along with my own ideas for an artful ATC bag.

Of course I had to use metal colored with alcohol ink as it's one of my favorite consumables at the moment, and a beaded handle that matches the beaded "tassle" border.

My ATC is an actual bag, rather than a piece including a bag, so I might have messed up that part of the challenge, but I'm happy with my first ATC project and am looking forward to the next swap coming up in August.

I'll start feeling intimidated again right around July 31.

Until then, see you around the Frosted Petunias Artful Bag Bungalow!


  1. I would be very intimidated to make these artful bags! What you gave is equally as stunning as what you received. I love the alcohol covered metal and the beading is that wonderful finishing touch! The embossing really gives your ATC bag that classy and elegant look! Both bags are fabulous!

  2. UAUUU estou aqui admirando sua criação fantastica!

  3. I think both the bags are stunning. I love the metalic colour and beading you put on yours. Yvonne xx

  4. You didn't mess up the challenge! Your bag WAS an atc card. What could be better than that? I love my bag and I'm going to use it to hold things in my crafting room so that I can keep it close to me and be inspired by it.

  5. Your bag ATC rocks, great texture and colors.

  6. Your ATC is great! I love how it is actually the shape of a purse! I can't believe I didn't think of that!! Great job!

  7. It's really cool. I like Both of them.

  8. Tracy, this is fabulous!! Love that you made the ATC into a purse!! And that colored metal is gorgeous!! That beaded trim and strap - wow!Great embossed pattern, too! Looks like you also received quite a lovely ATC in return!! What a fun swap! :)

  9. These are both simply stunning!! Both are you are incredibly talented and I see no reason at all for you to feel intimidated. I hope I get to swap with you one day!