Sunday, April 24, 2011

Texture fades and distress: Grungy Monday

Monday April 18, the very same day that Linda announced the newest StudioL3 Grungy Monday technique, I dutifully trotted right over to watch Tim Holtz's technique video.

And procrastinated about doing my own Grungy project until roughly two hours ago.

Why? I guess I couldn't decide what to do. I mean, our Mr. Holtz calls for us to use a Texture Fades folder and Distress ink.

Do you know how open that is? How many colors there are? Several dozen, right? How many folders? Several dozen again. Just look around Tim's blog! There are millions of options!

As of last night I had still not made any decisions, and I don't even own half of the available colors or folders.

Today I finally decided that it was again time to beg My Guy for help: I dropped my pile of about a dozen texture fades folders into his lap, explained the overall technique and said, "Choose a folder."

He asked, "What's your theme?" To which I responded "Choose a folder and then I'll know."

Unbelievably, that's all it took: Fixing my attention on the one starting option, the one folder he chose, got me creating.

I used four Distress ink colors on the embossing folder and a vintage-look Tequila Sunrise recipe from the DezinaWorld ephemera collage sheet for a centerpiece image.

The scrolly-leaf embellishments and oranges are made from grungeboard bits with a few orange leaves cut from metal. Those are colored with Bic permanent markers and alcohol ink.

My Guy has decided that this piece looks "classy" and should be hung, in a frame, above our bar.

Unfortunately his decision has left me pondering: Why is the first time he's called one of my creations "classy?" What does that say about my other pieces? Were they the opposite of classy? Were they tacky?

And, more importantly: Do I care? Not really. He's got some scrap metal and a torch. He can make his own art!

So, I'm sure most of you finished your classy Grungy Monday piece six days ago. Those of you who are even tardier than me: Find a friend, roommate or lover to choose a folder for you and then get your fingers inky!


  1. Great use of the texture fade and the colours are gorgeous...

  2. Fabulous! Totally love this, and it DOES look classy! And I don't mean that your other pieces didn't, either...just so you know. lol.

  3. Oh you are speaking my language! First off, the sunrise background is brilliant! The colors are spectacular and work so well with your theme. Now you have added the tequila and little oranges and what is not to love? Bravo my friend!

  4. I have only 2 texture fades and suffered the same problem. Oddly enough had a similar solution, spouse as muse. Delicious and delightful. Love the oranges!

  5. well i can't much add to the words of's awesome!!..the folder (picked by your Guy) and your mind just went with it..nice nice nice..tfs..loves ya

  6. So I am thinking you can do a whole series of drink recipes for above the bar. A drink recipe is something guys can "understand". I am glad You found a way to create. With the image and elements and colors you chose it is making me wish I had the ingredients to go make a tequila sunrise right now!..Happy Easter..Donna

  7. Ohhh fab fab fab !! Loving what you did with this ephemera piece. Its one of my faves and I adore how you did the texture fade colouring. Beautiful work indeed and thanks so much for letting me know it was here and the link too.
    Hugs June xxxx

  8. Men huu lol, but good choice of folder and June's image suits it perfectly :)
    Von x

  9. Wow, a pure burst of sunshine, and a drinks recipe to go with it. Fabulous piece. xx

  10. Thats one of my favourite folders lovin' the colours you have chosen so hot and the colours of the sky when the sun is low. Its a stunning WOW piece Tracy should grace the bar XOXO Zoe

  11. Lovely piece! Mmmm, tequila....great colors! And no matter how you got there; definately hang it over the bar!! Actually, I like the way you got there....too bad I sorta, errm, smuggle might be a bit strong...get my craft items upstairs, otherwise I might try the same thing next time I'm stumped!

  12. Your guy has great taste! Glad to see you are having time to play again :)

  13. LOVE this!!! The colors are perfect and those oranges are too cute!! Makes me want a drink...tequila sunrise it is! :)

  14. That's fabulous, love the background and the images. Great label.

  15. this is fabulous!! aboslutely brilliant!! =)
    hugs, SannaS