Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm back and with a whole new look!

Christmas lights reflected in brushed metal finish.
OK. I admit it. I've been distracted lately. Work and stress at home and the need to create without boundaries or obligations of photographing and posting ... I know, it's selfish, but it happens.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate photo editing? I do. I hate it. I enjoy photographing everything -- literally everything. You'd be shocked to see some of the weird stuff I photograph. I just hate resizing, cropping and all of that crap. Procrastinating about a particular post is usually me avoiding messing around with photos.

Still, until I received notes from a couple of blog friends I hadn't realized just how long it had been since I'd checked in with everyone. After all, if I fail to write something snarky several times a week, people have no way to know I'm still alive.

Now, I didn't take the time to check before I started writing this post, but it seems to me that I end up in this situation, writing a post just like this one, every two or three months.
Pretty glow of handmade candle.

The reasons are pretty much those noted in the first paragraph: Blogging and life are time consuming. So we sometimes lose track of one thing to concentrate on something else.

Never think that this means I don't love all of you, because I really do: I'm so, so grateful for the bloggers who've inspired and commiserated and become friends.

But I think you can pretty much count on me doing this to you every few months. Even my before-blogging friends are used to me sometimes disappearing. I simply can't do it all and hang out e-chatting while still finding time to wander around inside of my own brain. How the hell do all of you find the time?

Yeah, here's my point: I'm back again with a new look, apologies for my self-centered behavior, a warning that I'll probably do it again, and a request that you forgive me ... again.

Creepy bug drinking from water puddle on kitchen counter.
So, how do you like my new look (let me know by voting in the poll)? I found the background at The Graphics Fairy, and even switched out the Blogger template! Yay! Changes!

I bet a lot of you aren't as glad to see me return, as you are to see that I've ditched the Hello Kitty pink background!

... and then I went and ruined those good vibes with the creepy ass bug photo, huh?


  1. I like your new look. One day I am going to change mine too. If I get around to it. I am always asking " how do people do it all"..and I am retired. By the way I used to photograph bugs before my eyesight screwed up. So now I just collect them. Bugs are amazing. ..Donna

  2. I wondered where you disapeared to, I was about to send out a search party! LOL. Glad your back. Your voting pole didn't give me a place to say Yes I LOVE this and even liked your last one. But this is BETTER! even with the bug! Ha
    Hugs Lynn

  3. I am afraid to change my blog - really afraid! It took me months to even start doing anything, out of fear. There are still somethings I don't know. I only recently learned how to crop a photo. I am a moron!!! I don't work, retired like Donna, so have time. I got real depressed and this became my escape, better than being on meds and I made some amazing friends! So my amazing friend with the creepy ass bug, I be loving you also! Not the bug! Like the new look and have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Hi, Tracy! Welcome back!! I love your new look (didn't hate the other but this is beautiful)!! Coulda done without the creepy bug photo. lol

  5. Hi Tracy, its lovely to read your post again and I think your new look is awesome. xx

  6. Interesting creepy bug look at those beautiful wings!

    Oh you'v gone all vintage, calm and soothing very nice love the images and it completely changes my mental image of you LOL. XOXO Zoe

  7. I like your new blog too. Your photos are pretty good. THe candle is aamazing and that bug looks like a Lacewing to me.
    Have fun
    Sue xx