Monday, April 25, 2011

Alone in the Dark: Macabre Monday

I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way.
Welcome to another edition of Macabre Monday hosted by Haunted Design House!

This week's theme is Alone in the Dark and the sponsor is Delicious Doodles and Delicious Darkness, digital image shops owned by Teri, who is a design team member at Haunted Design House (at least I think that's correct ... really I've only been stalking the fine ladies of HDH for a few weeks, so I might be misunderstanding who is who ... hopefully someone who does know will tell me if I'm mistaken).

Teri's images are awfully pleasing, so I had a great time layering in the blue embossed and sanded card stock behind the embossed metal stock that was colored with Wild Plum, Eggplant and Stream alcohol inks before also getting the ol' sand down.

The banner with a metal and grunge board flower was the idea of My Guy (he sure is annoying with all of his great ideas); and the sentiment is, of course, the phrase uttered by the Voice of Sex Appeal Kathleen Turner in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

This phrase I thought perfect to go with my version of the Delicious Doodles Sexy Goth Girl.

Now, you might be wondering about how our Goth Girl of ou-la-la got her color, and you'd be right to do so. Because at my house the only "coloring" comes with crayons, colored pencils and, occasionally, Sharpies. And even that is pretty much exclusive to those things referred to as "coloring books."

Mhm. Yes. I own several. About a dozen featuring a range of options from Looney Tunes to Native American designs, stained glass pages and one based on Star Wars.

However, my digital images never get the full Crayola, FaberCastell treatment.

Instead I open them in an image editing software program, bucket drop colors into the white spaces and print. Tada! This is the reason that occasionally my digi stamp art pieces appear to be very flat and perhaps annoy the designer.

While I feel badly to annoy the original artist, I do like the effect because I can go back over the image with glimmer, glitter and shimmer pens ... thus adding highlights and lowlights and bling.

This image was a bit different since it's drawn in the style of what I describe as "charcoal." It's gorgeous with included shadowing and texture all it's own.

Which, unless you tell me I've lost my mind, I think works beautifully with my computerized coloring and hand-drawn emphasis.

But before you share your opinion of how to make my art better, why don't you try your own hand at creating a Macabre Monday Alone in the Dark piece? Hmmm?

Not such a know-it-all now, are you?


  1. I think your colouring looks great. Who wants everything to be the same. Brill to be an individual. Fab card love the metal embossing and thanks for sharing it again with us over at Haunted Design House x

  2. Its the personal touch that makes everything look different. Your image is super, love your metal work again. Yvonne xx

  3. Oh this is FAB! And your colouring has always looked wonderful to me, but if you want to start adding shading, you can probably do it with your graphic editing program. Have a look for effects such as cutout, shadows, or bevels and play around :)
    Thanks so much for always playing along with us at HDH :D

  4. what a fab card and I love that new image from Teri too

  5. Beautiful, love the background, great colour and texture.

  6. I love the coloring. Would never have known it was computer generated but for me, that makes it all the more amazing. Fab background too and the sentiment...PERFECTION! Will have to remember that. Thanks for joining us again for MM at HDH. xxD

  7. i think it's great!!..coloring is job on the challenge tracy..tfs..loves ya

  8. Your Goth Girl is colored in the most beautiful fashion! I do not know the first thing about photo editing anything, so in my eyes, you are brilliant! Hey, I just figured out how to crop a photo! Your embossed metal background is stunning and your guy deserves a round of applause! Clapping!

  9. Oooo, wicked! he he. Love this, the colors on the metal are scrummy, and the image is cool...

  10. This is fantastic! Love your color combo and unique coloring technique! It looks awesome! And that saying is perfect! Another gorgeous metal embossed background! Very cool! :)

  11. Ooooh so cooooooooooooool, Annette x

  12. Ah, I did wonder why she was green! LOL. Makes for a very interesting card.
    BTW - it's just the one shop, Delicious Doodles. Delicious Darkness is my 'Dark Side' blog. Thanks for playing at MM this week, and good luck!
    Teri x