Friday, April 22, 2011

Bring in the sun: Scrap Our Stash

Everyone who has been to this space more than a couple of times knows that I love winter. Snow and cold and cozy fireplaces, shimmering icicles and ruddy cheeks ... winter is my season.

Perhaps I'm beginning to understand the summer sisters, though. Because, as with the team at Scrap Our Stash who chose the month's theme as Bring in the Sun, I'm also fed up with the gray, dingy skies and ice-covered sidewalks.

Bring on the tulips! Unfold the lawn chairs! Turn on the sprinklers! Let the Sun Shine In!

My boss, definitely a summer sister, has been feeling this urge more so than any of us, I think. It's been a long few months with some distressing family events, crazy work and the weather topping it all off hasn't been helping.

So, I made this card with her in mind. She can put it on her desk and let the sun glimmer and shimmer and twist and turn.

The sentiment is derived from a little pet name my boss sometimes uses. I have an occasionally short temper, keep no opinions to myself and she is, in her own right, an opinionated smartypants. This means that her pet name for me, "Sunshine," is used in the snarky context of , "OK, thank you for the help Miss Sunshine."
Dangling sun lazily turning.

It's not that bad, working with me, really it isn't. Just as long as we're all doing things my way. And I make presents for people. And bake. And mostly work from my home office where no one can hear me screaming.

Huh. We were talking about sunshine, weren't we? Yes, well. I do believe this weekend is going to be a good one in Northern Nevada: Just the right amount of sun and lawnmowers and children gleefully hunting for Bugs Bunny's technicolor hen fruit.

After which you'll be inspired, I just know it, to create to your very own sunshiny bit of happiness to share with the crowd at Scrap Our Stash.

Oh! I should mention that absolutely everything I used for this piece is at least a year old, and aside from the glittery background paper which was cut from a fresh but old sheet, the paper bits are from my scrap bin.


  1. Hey sunshine, over at Linda's blog, you are a winner and I do believe the sun is shining upon you today! So fun and cheerful is this sunshine card! I sure hope the life stresses are clearing up! Have a great weekend and enjoy all those eggs! BTW, my DH makes creamed eggs over toast. Very good!

  2. Fab card ! and i too love winter !

    maddy x

  3. Terrific card and I don't believe you are NOT a ray of sunshine. We are having the most extraordinary weather at the moment, today has been in the 80's and have to say the warmth of the sun certainly makes you feel a whole lot better. Wishing you a Happy Easter and hope you get your share of the sun soon my friend, Annette x

  4. Very cool card! and from the bin, no less! Fab!

  5. real great card. All we have been having is rain.
    I want to see sunshine soon.


  6. The sun sent a few lucky rays your way today, congratulations on your win over at Linda's.
    Your card is Fab, realy bright and cheerful.
    Have a Happy Eastertime. xx

  7. Spectacular scrappy sunshine card!! I love that the sun is a moving part on the card! Too cool!! I'm sure your boss will appreciate it! Happy Easter! Have a fabulous weekend! :)

  8. I thought the world would appreciate knowing the right way to do things. Love your sunshine and we are actually having a sunny day after a frosty morning. Happy Easter!...Donna