Tuesday, April 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day prize ... at least it's before Easter!

Hello bold bloggers of the world! Way back in March I offered up some Guinness can flats to anyone who commented on my St. Patrick's Day post.

I bet a lot of you think I was too busy drinking the contents of the cans to remember that post, but you're wrong! Well, there was that one day, but otherwise you're wrong.

I've only been busy and couldn't get to cutting down the cans and getting this post written!

But, here I am, with the name of the winner *drum roll please* ....

It's Zoe at This Little Place!

She even gets a few extra flats and gewgaws because she was a follower prior to the St. Patrick's Day post!

Drop in on Zoe's blog when you have a minute, she's doing some absolutely beautiful art using all sorts of mediums -- it's really amazing to see what she creates!

Just look here at the gorgeous journal she sent to me as a Pay it Forward gift!

Have a fabulous, art-filled week everybody ... and Zoe, I'll be mailing your Guinness flats next Tuesday!


  1. Congratulations, Zoe! You also enjoy your week art filled or Guinness filled!

  2. Congratulations to Zoe.


  3. Ooooooh! Thank you Tracy going to enjoy playing with these you made some fabulous art with them and shared when you set this draw. Had completely forgotten so it is a wonderful surprise this morning. (((Hugs))) and thanks for the plugs LOL XOXO Zoe