Friday, February 17, 2012

Life inside of a glass house

You might remember my September Practical Magic Party post and the terrariums we created for the celebration.

Despite having been opened only twice and never receiving water in addition to the original "potting" soak, the fern in the large terrarium and the who knows what in the small glass jar are both flourishing.

The fern is developing new "branches" while the who knows what has managed to fill the jar and is currently attempting a jail break (we'll probably have to replant her in the spring ... she's likely ground cover and a silly glass terrarium isn't going to keep her from spreading).

And guess what else? We now know that mushrooms grow at the speed of Holy Shit Where'd That Come From because our fern was all by herself on Tuesday, but by Wednesday she'd been joined by a tiny white mushroom friend.

Thursday a second mushroom appeared.

We're expecting a tiny fairy to built a cottage beneath the fern fronds tomorrow.


  1. Well a fern needs a friend! Have a great weekend with your guy!

  2. You should have a notice offering land to rent, I'm sure you would get a lot of enquiries from the fairy folk for this desirable area.
    Lovely to read your post again.
    Yvonne x

  3. You need to be careful with faeries, they can be tricksy ;)


  4. teeheehee, Well I can't wait to see the fairy house appear! Amazing how things grow. Nothing like mother nature to inspire us!
    hugs Lynn

  5. May your fern fairy have a wonderful time in your terrarium. I love mushrooms and the sight of your little white-capped one has me wondering if I should start gardening in a glass jar ...