Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to my belated Practical Magic Blog Party

We take any party seriously at my house, and especially so when it's in celebration of a wonderful event such as this weekends' Practical Magic Blog hop!

You're surely not surprised then that this post had to wait for our blender to stop spinning and the afterglow to subside.

Please, whenever you have a few moments to sit comfortably with a cup of tea or a cocktail take a look at what our fellow bloggers came up with for this years' celebration. It has been, well, magical.

My own Practical Magic Blog party became a real party, albeit a small one, with margaritas, planting of terrariums and the lighting of a candles.

As each candle was lit we made a heartfelt wish for you and for our Practical Magic friends and for ourselves. Those wishes were: Health, wealth, happiness, joy, laughter, creativity, clarity, peace, honesty, fairness, friendship, insight, nourishment and beauty.

Inspired by the kitchen and apothecary scenes from Practical Magic we planted two glass jar terrariums with a fern and a ficus and we found an enamelware chamber pot in which now lives some more creeping plant friends and three wee begonias (which might not survive the winter, even indoors, but we'll see).

Finally, we found at a thrift store the perfect glass jar to house a bushel of limes: Not only pretty and green and reminiscent of the Practical Magic movie ... but damn convenient for our bar, too!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and I'll be 'round to comment soon: I hope each of you finds yourself filled with an abundance of magical inspiration!


  1. I will be right over! I see you have made my margarita just the way I love it!

  2. Your terrariums are beautiful! Sounds like your margaritas were a hit as well. ;) Have a magical day!

  3. Great party, thank you so much. Also thank you for the wonderful wishes and your visit to my blog. I love your jars and enamel ware !!
    Have a magical day.

  4. Your terrariums are so lovely!

    Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and sharing in the magic of Practical Magic!!!


  5. Good tequila will do that. But, oh so much fun! I love your terrariums. What a great idea!

    Blessings, lisa

  6. Better late than never! ^_^ A fantastic posting! I love all your jars! very magickal! ^_^

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    and yeah, the Midnight Margarita spell is in the movie ;) just before they turn the blender on, while putting in ingredients they're chanting that spell :D

  7. You had me with your first photo! Great party post.... Nice find on the jar for all those limes. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Lovely post, and I appreciate the lit candle! (I need it--health and home)

  9. Great party! I love that terrarium!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Meanderings

  10. This is really beautiful! Your 'little party' is pure magic. Thank you for the lovely wishes and for sharing with everyone. So glad you could join us, have a beautiful October my dear :)


  11. Missed this. Love your jars and plantings. I don't know the movie or book but I do know some magic. Hope you are fine..Donna

  12. Lovely post and what wonderful ideas! Hope you are doing well, or was the tequila lethal? It has been a little while and I miss your posts. Hope everything is ok in CuddlyBunnyLand! :-)