Saturday, September 10, 2011

What did you do this summer: A Drunken Stampers challenge

Welcome back to another Drunken Stampers post!

We took a few weeks off to catch our breath and let our livers dry out, but we're back now and with a couple of surprises!

First, it's important that everyone have plenty of time to create and then to recover from that hard work before a new challenge, so we'll now only have Drunken Stampers challenges on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

Next, and read this one carefully: That strange itch in your ears has been the Drunken Stampers Design Team call echoing in your art space! Go to the link to find out what the very, very loose requirements are and throw your hat into the ring! We'd love to see you 'belly up to the craft bar.

Finally, we've got the first new challenge since the Spring: What did you do this summer?

We bought a hillbilly pool (an above-ground, inflated sides pool) early in the summer and have been happily splashing about, but there's been some much bigger events during the season as well.

I celebrated a birthday and received dozens of wonderful game pieces that my parents found for me at thrift stores! Awesome! Then there was the camping trip to Antelope Lake where we found itty bitty seashells perfect for a little altered art embellishment.

Despite loving paints, from the aroma to the endless technical possibilities, it wasn't until this summer that I returned to creating with dry brushing and globs of color mixed for custom shades and gesso and gorgeous technicolor pallets.

We remembered to get ourselves to some garage sales, too, and the Habitat for Humanity resell store where we found bits and bobs for hanging and dangling and creating.

There was even a class this summer! Although not well-attended by yours truly who could not find the time to watch inspiration videos and read instruction sheets and create, I have since been back-tracking and find learning at my own pace, while not the original plan, is still motivating and rewarding.

All of this, I'm sure, is some part in the most important discovery I made this summer, which I prefer not to discuss at length here, but will say this: Occasionally reassess your life, your self, your world.

Because sometimes we get off track and, if we're not careful, discover that everything that makes us unique and amazing is buried under a blanket of worry and stress and things we can not possibly control.

Ah so, breathe deeply my friends. Life is good!

And we need you at Drunken Stampers!


  1. I LOVE your project this week! It feels great to be back! It sounds like you had a wonderful summer break too!

  2. Well you certainly crammed a lot in your summer break............
    Loving the background on this fab piece. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  3. Hi, Tracy! Sounds like you've had a fantastic summer and this art piece for DS is amazing!! LOVE the fabulous colors and textures you've created! It's been busy on my end, but am trying to find a little time to get back to my artwork and blogging. I've missed checking in here with you. :)

  4. Always nice to have a birthday!!! Love that "hillbilly" pool remark! The background you created with paints, sure gives a perfect wave feel. Works so well with the bathing beauty! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

  5. Sound like you had an amazing summer, as always I love reading your post. Your art is gorgeous, love the background as well. Yvonne x

  6. love this tracy, awesome touch with the scrabble tiles, image, makes for a very vintage card..tfs..loves ya

  7. WOW hon, that background is the fabbiest EVER! Can you come here quick and do my TI challenge for this week? (it's due tomorrow and I'm in BIG trouble!) The Drunken Stampers sounds like just my cup of... well, wine! HeeHee! Sure wish I had 6 hands. Will check it out anyway and DREAM... Happy (belated, I guess) Birthday! Care to divulge the nasty number? Bet I got you beat. Anyway, LOVE this card! I got some scrabble tiles and have yet to use them. Hmmm... xxD

  8. Fantastic, the background looks wonderful, love the texture and the colors.

  9. Hillbilly pool...I love it! lol! Fantastic card, love it!

  10. FANTASTIC piece! I LOVE the background, it sets of the glamour girl very well and looks wet and cool! The Scrabble tiles are perfect. Lucky girl having parents who know to scoop up the perfect bits and bobs to suit their oh so talented daughter! Happy birthday my dear, and I hope you always stay true to your own artistic voice! While staying cool in a hillbilly pool, of course!