Monday, September 5, 2011

Recreate a scene: The Burtonesque Dolls challenge

Here's my second version of this post, which I'm forced to write because Blogger boogered up just as I was trying to add a photo and click "publish."

Color me freakin' happy.

Anyhow, I'd mentioned in my prior now non-existent post that this holiday is doing me a huge favor as I would otherwise have missed the chance to create a piece for the current Burtonesque Dolls challenge: Recreate a scene.

My brain just wasn't wrapping around the idea that while September 5 seemed a long way off more than a week ago: It wasn't exactly never coming.

Lost track of things as usual and here I am at the last moment to tell you that I used the Bugaboo Stamp Sassy Gal Devil and computer-generated text placed on a background inked with three colors of Distress Ink.

The border is courtesy a Martha Stewart Around the Page punch "Iron Gate."

Hopefully you enjoy this Beetle Juice scene as much I do: How could you not love it when our friend Beetle Juice is enticed by the luscious ladies of Dante's Inferno to get a little action.

One day I'll figure a way to recreate the dining room carnival scene from Beetle Juice, another favorite of mine.

Until then I'm off to try to add a photo and then link up with Burtonesque Dolls.


  1. Awesome LOVE IT! BEETLEJUICE just has sooo many fun ideas. Now I have DAY O stuck in my head.
    Thanks for playing along with The Dolls this week.

  2. Fantastic, the edges are brill, she is one sassy devil woman. Yvonne x

  3. LOVE it! Fab image and that background inking is phenominal! Too cute! Gotta remember this challenge. so many challlenges, so little time!xxD

  4. ohhh Love that punch very halloweenish!
    and you card is so fun with all the flames!
    hugs Lynn