Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quote: The Octopode Factory Friday challenge

Whew boy do I love the Octopodes!

And you all know how I also love quotes: Found and made up ... I'm a fan of inspirational, comical, memorable words strung together and repeated for all eternity.

So, this week's The Octopode Factory Friday challenge of the week, Quotes, is ideal for me.

Then we've got the toys that I collect, new and vintage, and roughly ten seconds passed before I decided to combine a vintage sewing thread ad from Graphics Fairy, the Octopode teddy bear and a phrase that is courtesy an antique embroidery my sister has hanging at her house.

"My teddy bear has a rip and a tear love pours from him everywhere."

You can use it, too: You're welcome.

But not for this exact challenge, please. Though you absolutely must join in at The Octopode Factory Friday challenge.

We'll be sad without you.


  1. Oh wow this is cute.
    Really lovely card.

  2. Love your cute bear, he looks a bit like he needs a few cuddles and some TLC.
    Yvonne x

  3. I really do love this teddy bear! Love that sentiment you used, so perfect! Have a great Sunday! Oh, you would love what happened to us last night. We went for a walk after dinner and got poured on three times!

  4. OMG!!! Do I have that bear? I've got a lot of her bears but...and I used to collect them and have them all over the house with a bunch of other weird stuff...but that another story. Anyway, this is the sweetest EVER! Love, love LOVE the quote! xxD