Saturday, May 5, 2012

Art journal cover: Deadline entry

We're in a bit of a rush at my house, it's past bedtime and less than two hours to go to enter a cover for the eclectic Paperie journal blog hop.

Art journaling has long been of interest to me, but this is my first attempt. Technically what you see here is something like my fifth attempt.

Because I started with bright white, moved into yellow and blue, then yellow with glow-glitter blue and so on until we arrived at this finished pinkish, lavenderish, whitish ... something.

I quite like it, especially the clockwork that was embedded into the very, very first layer: Gesso.

Despite being cut from aluminum and simply pressed into the gesso ... it's not moving around at all. Maybe that's due to the four or five layers of paint and ink on top.

Anyhow, we'll see how things roll with the actual journal. Hopefully the inside pages can stand up to layers and layers of indecision and "repair" art.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend, complete with margaritas and unbelievably outrageous hats in honor of Kentucky Derby Day!


  1. Wow, a fabulous journal cover, love the look of the clock.
    Yvonne x

  2. Looks great! Love that with art journaling you can go over and over like you said... looking forward to seeing the inside.

  3. I like the "fresh ideas"!! Perfect for a journal!
    And the embedded clock...waaay cool!!
    Glad you joined the E-Team in our journal adventure!

  4. A fabulous cover, great texture.