Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge

Five years ago My Guy was working in Mountain View, CA, and I got to visit him for Labor Day weekend.

We joined friends who rented a convertible and then spent the weekend traipsing the tourist spots of the Bay Area.

The trip was fun and amazing and educational and resulted in an impressive hangover coupled with the opportunity to snap several dozen photos of the Golden Gate bridge on a foggy afternoon ... from the front seat of a sports car ... topless.

The car, of course, not me.

Today this icon of the west and America and art deco turns 75 years old, so it seems the perfect opportunity to share two photos which I am particularly happy about. Crappy perspective, perhaps. Bad editing, for sure. Beautiful anyway.


  1. wow the Golden gate bridge looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing, xx

  2. Wow..must have been awesome to see and take pics..75 yrs. and going strong ...i
    tfs..loves ya

  3. Very cool pictures! I got a little dizzy looking up!

  4. Hahahaha so glad you cleared up the topless thing! Haven't seen the Golden Gate in many years. Shes holding up well!

    Farm chicks was awesome.Thanks for entering my giveaway.
    hugs Lynn