Friday, September 7, 2012

What the hell is happening here?

An addendum …
Until today, August 25, 2012, Not a Moment to Spare has been almost exclusively an art blog.

Because when I started this adventure in February 2010 I thought that what I wanted was a single bit of the universe in which all I dealt with was happiness and creativity.

Unfortunately I was not then and am not now motivated exclusively by happiness or creativity.

Often I am motivated by politics or What I Think Is Right or pop culture or food or What Pisses Me Off or Who The Hell Knows What.

And I need to share those feelings and thoughts and reactions here, or be someone who I am not.

I'm adding this addendum to my blog as a sort of warning: I'll continue posting projects and art, and other things as I always have.

But, because I want this blog to be a part of my life, not a version of my life, I'll be including more profanity and smartass comments in general, along with links and separate columns that are related only to my opinions of Who The Hell Knows What.

And, look at that, I’m introducing my first opinion: No one, especially an artist, should compartmentalize his or her life or opinions only to create a comfortable environment for his or her audience.

I hope that those of you who I have come to love so much will continue visiting and commenting and even begin to lay out the occasional opinion, because without sharing and discussion and thoughtful arguments ... how do any of us grow?


  1. Way to go 100% support and admiration of you for doing it. Am now looking forward to some lively debate. Truth is I have not been brave enough to do this although there are many issues that are to say the least noteworthy. XOXO Zoe

  2. Go for it!
    I occasionally go off on one, but normally restrain myself as I usually can't find the words to express what I'm thinking. Given recent life, this may change, once I have the energy to blog again.

  3. Oh I have many opinions, but also don't want to offend! Although at times, when someone of a different political view posts something I find offensive, it is difficult for me to not make a snappy reply! Looking forward to what you are up to, GF! Happy Weekend!

  4. Nothing wrong with saying what is on your mind and if someone has a problem with it.......tough sh*t!

  5. It's your blog....:) You can say anything you darn well please...go for it!

  6. I'm here and want to hear what you have to say. I'm open to anything Tracy!
    hugs Lynn