Sunday, October 31, 2010

Masking to the extreme: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

This week began with a peek at Linda's blog, Studio L3, to learn about the newest Compendium challenge.

Really, it's supposed to begin with work, but I sometimes can't help first dropping in at Studio L3. So, despite being responsible for more than a few important projects, my brain was already busy thinking of Distress inks and masks and page 61 of Tim Holtz's compendium very early this week.

Those work projects did end up dragging me in and I couldn't get to crafting (not that I had a fantastic idea, anyway).

Then, on Wednesday, I discovered a real problem. A really wonderful and exciting problem: My Fairy Godsister sent me Tim Holtz's new rosette die!

Our house is now full of rosettes. Solid colored, designed, flocked, cut, torn, distressed, inked and altered rosettes. Honestly. I have six sitting on my work desk behind me. Six.

There are more ... those are only the ones I can see from my chair.

You'll hardly be surprised, then, to find out that I love this new toy. Love it like I love quick-dry adhesive and embossing powder. Love it like I might break the arm of anyone who tries to take ... you see where I'm going.

Rosette excitement overtook our house and I completely forgot about the challenge this week. Hmm. Strike that: I remembered the challenge, but for me it became the rosette challenge.

What had begun as a desire to create a superb masking project became a devotion to all things rosette. Which is part of the reason I have so many extra rosettes sitting around.

The clock was probably at about 2 or 3 p.m. today when I realized ... not only am I approaching a deadline with no completed project to show (again) ... but I also was working on the Wrong Project.

First the rosettes taunted me ... You can't use us, you can't use us ... because I'd already thought up ideas for them that didn't include masking. I just couldn't get my brain to break out of the circus.

So, I pulled out some masks and blue ink and thought ... I'll just do something in blue with cog masks and snowflake punches and Ahoy! a nice wintery-like masked project.

Then I noticed the grunge board wings I'd inked and embossed for another project, but didn't end up using. Of course, that led to thoughts of travel and adventure and journey (see the token) and I was back to rosettes. Somehow.

This rosette is trimmed so that it's roughly half size. I used core color core-dinations paper and inked it with broken china Distress ink.

Ah, and as usual I'm yakking when it's time to click "publish" so I can run over to Studio L3!

I'd only like to add that you need the rosette die. And if you don't have a Cuttlebug or Sizzix machine or Tim's new Vagabond ... get one.

Trust me. You're going to wish you owned the rosette die.


  1. I love your journey to the stars and am mighty jealous of your rosette maker...... a great project. Annette x

  2. A rosette die, well I think I would have almost forgotten the CCC#19 also! I can't even believe how fast time has gone by with these challenges! I do like your idea about doing more challenges and each of us taking turns! Linda won't smack us, because she won't know what you wrote on my blog!

    Back to your most incredible piece of art! Love this. So fabulous that you added the stars and what are wings without a rosette?? That would be just boring wings that we have seen over and over! Way cool to take the rosette for a ride! You rock with this as always! Ok, this week I order a rosette! You are to blame for this one!

    Catch you on the next round!

  3. Flying by the seat of your rosette die! Mine is in the mail. I am waiting patiently, but now you have me worried that I will abandon making Christmas cards for making rosettes. Your extreme masking worked out wonderful.

  4. Great piece, love your rosette die

  5. That's exactly what I did when I got my rosette die! I had rosettes strung all over the house, and I still keep finding those little buggers everywhere! Isn't it just almost TOO fun?!

    You did a spectacular job incorporating that baby into your CCC piece, too! Love that blue and silver combo, and your masking is, you know, perfect. It's a really cool work of art, and the rosette is the cherry on top, so to speak!

    Now I'm going to go back over to Terry's blog and find out what you two are up to!