Saturday, October 2, 2010

Think pink: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Think pink and "Save The Boobies" to join this week's Drunken Stampers create-a-thon!

I mean, honestly, you join by Thinking Pink, but Save The Boobies makes me giggle every time I hear the phrase.

Not because there's a reason to preserve a breast if doctors say it needs to go. Instead I giggle because real "Boobies" represent the woman who dances and laughs and seeks an enlightened life. Boobies exist only in a woman who knows who she is becoming, and who is happy in that knowledge. And that woman, amazing, strong and vital, is a sexy woman.

So, it is certain that these small and large and medium and extra big centerfold fixations mean something to all of us (remember that even you guys are sometimes diagnosed with breast cancer).

But, do they mean so much that life itself is worth forfeiting? Don't be an ass.

Dance. Laugh. Seek an enlightened life. Get a breast exam.

Then join us at Drunken Stampers and call a friend to say, "I'm Thinking Pink ... I'm Saving The Boobies ... I'm saving someone I love!"

After all, we're all a bit of a boob now and then, aren't we?


  1. Such a wonderful card and a wonderful post! Hugs, Peg

  2. I love that phrase Save the Boobies it always makes me chuckle and thank god I can as am one of the lucky ones. Brilliant posting. Enjoy the weekend. Annette x

  3. Well I sure am thinking pink now! I am with you! Someone Linda mentioned on her blog has BC and decided to have the breast removed and when they checked it out further, found another tumor that was not seen in prior MRI's etc. Had she just opted for the lump to be removed, she would be going through the entire process again or worse!! Get over and visit my blog - I have something going on!

  4. Awesome post, Tracy! The word that come to mind is, in fact, WORD!

    Love your card, too. What a cool design!

  5. Love your post and the card is isfantastic.

  6. Wonderful words! Wonderful card!

  7. Great post and beautiful card, love the strong design. Also thanks for your tip on the 'Fight like a girl' stamp.