Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Changes in form and Dress forms: The Altered Alice

I apologize to anyone who has been wondering why I haven't been politely responding to blog comments or even posting any new creations.

First, work has been consuming a lot of time (way more hours than those for which I'm paid, but such is life working for a non-profit).

Then My Guy ever-so-helpfully introduced me to Lord of the Rings On-line. What a stupid game. I don't know how many hours I've spent to figure that out ... and I have no idea how many more hours it'll take: But it's important to note that I'm at level 15 with 250 silver pieces and a horse. So, you know, I should only need to play for a few hundred more hours to realize it's a grind and boring and silly and totally uncreative.

Finally, about a week ago I discovered The Altered Alice challenges. Clearly I lack the time for another challenge piece. I also obviously lack the skill because, well just look at it, and the form spent several days sitting on my craft desk before I finally gathered the nerve to dive in this evening.

My dress form, handmade with copper and an altered card stock Plumbob Papercraft, makes me happy enough. With practice I could easily make some cool artsy dress forms using perhaps something more appropriate than the Plumbob base.

Come to think of it though, the entire creation does make me happy: After all, there's plenty of comedy in this piece.

Hopefully you can at least decipher that my sad little doll form is the Red Queen dress. No matter what, just don't think about Snow White (which is who I think of when viewing this dress that was obviously made by Dopey).

And, instead of Burton's Red Queen with the bulbous head, my queen is short of leg and long of torso. And chubby. And her royal photographer will surely be sentenced to the guillotine.

So, yeah. Aside from all of that, I like my Red Queen of the Stubby-Legged Kingdom.

I know you can do better: Take a minute to decide which better project you're going to complete and show it off at The Altered Alice.

Oh, and be patient with me for awhile more. I'll try to get back to everyone soon ... but can promise nothing until next week.


  1. Thanks for playing along with The Altered Alice! I think you are WAY to hard on yourself and I LOVE it that you actually created a real dress form, that is so cool! I love the crown and heart hanging off what would be the "hatrack" section, lol! Cute outfit and I really enjoyed your post most of all, I am still chuckling. I can't wait to welcome you back to Wonderland next month, LOL! But you'd better watch out, after all YOU are the royal photographer. . . . ;-)

  2. uaau inusitado sua criação!
    uma bela peça de decoração!

  3. Your altered Alice piece is fun and just confirms how creative you are! I personally enjoy the head that adorns her shoulders, compared to some enormous growth you might have given her! Have fun with the "Lord of the Rings" game!

  4. Your Altered Alice piece is awesone - the Queen id heart she is.


  5. This is awesome, love your take on this challenge! You go girl!

  6. Wildly creative! I just love it! xxD

  7. A costume perfect for the Red Queen ! Intrigued by how you got the sleeves to stand out this way.