Friday, February 4, 2011

Greatest Day In the History of Blog Land

Or, well, you know a fun day in my personal history anyway.

Sunday, February 6 is my blogaversary! That's right folks! It's been nearly one freakin' year! I know it seems as if it's been a lot longer the way I yammer on endlessly, but just think of how long it must seem for My Guy who has weathered more than six years with me!

In my one year here as a blogger I've learned a few things, including this: In Crafty Blog Land ... Blogaveraries are gift time! And damned if I'm not a fanatic about gifts!

The thing is, despite being a random blogger person and gift fanatic, I'm also a bit of stickler for manners and etiquette (I know, who would have imagined this considering my constant swearing) (just wait until my nieces grow up enough that I don't feel the need to type freakin' instead of, ahm, well, you know what I'll be typing in the future, right?).

Anyhow, my manners and etiquette stickler-ism  means that while I'm bothered by blogaversary gifts that require "become a follower" as a caveat ... I'm going to require that a winner here be a follower (I hope you'll understand why as you read further).

I'm really annoyed by the concept that prior followers don't receive special treatment in these little blog gift times on our blogs. So, on my blog, anyone who is a follower as of the minute I post this bit and who leaves a comment on this post before February 13, 2011, is eligible to win by random pick a $15 gift certificate to eclectic Paperie, Simon Says Stamp or Alpha Stamps (winners' choice of certificate from the options listed) (I definitely know which of you are prior followers).

Plus, whoever becomes a follower after this post and who leaves a comment before February 13, 2011, is eligible to win by random pick a $10 gift certificate to eclectic Paperie, Simon Says Stamp or Alpha Stamps (winners' choice of certificate from the options listed).

The final caveat for my blogaversary gift time is this: Each winner has 24 hours from post time to respond to the announcement of having been named a winner; and I'll announce winners at some point on February 13 (who knows at what time folks, after all, this blog is for fun; in the meantime I work for a living).

If the winner of either pick hasn't responded within the first 24 hour period ... another winner will be chosen every 24 hours until a winner has responded (or until I'm tired of waiting and give the gift certificate to my mom "Hi Mom!" ... after all it's my blog and I know my mom loves presents).

I'm sure you newcomers are wondering: Why worry about becoming a follower and comment to perhaps win one lil' ol' $10 gift certificate? Because throughout the upcoming year I'll have other prizes and giveaways during which special treatment will be given to anyone who is already a follower.

Yup. There you go: I love my bloggy friends and followers and commenters despite not always being able to get back to everyone individually.

So, to show my love now and in the future ... anytime I host a giveaway ... prior followers will ALWAYS receive a bonus!

(p.s. the certificate sources I chose are based on personal experiences ... they are not hosts, supporters, advertisers, etc.)


  1. Hi Tracy, good thing I'm already a follower! Ha
    Congrats on your one year Blogaversary! It flys by fast dosent it! I'll be back Sunday (if not sooner) I need my daily giggle!
    hugs Lynn

  2. Hi Tracy, congratulations on your first year, I have realy enjoyed following your blog, you make me happy when I read your super posts. xx

  3. I guess I was stalking you, since I read your blog regularly, but had not "followed". I'm in line now!
    Happy Blogaversary, and many more.


  4. Congratulations! I love your postings-as much for the wit and wisdom as for the art. It is all wonderful. I am a follower and a fan. I wanted to thank you for your great advice about collecting. I shared it with the man who puts up with my messes and told him you know about these things!

  5. Yay! Congrats! To be honest, I totally blew by my first anniversary, which I'm sure some people realized, but I'm like you, I hate announcing a giveaway, then not picking a loyal follower. This is a great idea, I love it. I have had good intentions of sending loyal commenters a little art, but that's about as far as it's gotten. lol. My bad. I also just found out your real name is Tracy, so now I don't need to keep referring to you as simply cuddly bunny. lol.

  6. Happy Blogaversary. Hope we get to enjoy your lovely blogs for many years to come.


  7. And who are you??? Happy Blogaversary to one of the coolest artists I am happy to know! Always love your art and humor! Big Blog Hugs!

  8. Oooh! how fabulous!! HaPpY BloGaVerSarY!! (also excited to be in one of your followers prior to the announcement - woohoo! - thanks for the "special treatment"!) Can't wait to see what the next year holds here on your blog! :)

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Tracey, I'm so happy to be one of your followers, and NOT because it could win me something. Actually, I won BIG TIME already, because I get to read your words, see your art, and be your friend. You bring such brilliance and humor and sass to everything you do, and your down to earth style is delightful. You inspire me every day. Here's to a few more decades of CB Blogging!

  10. Congratulations on your Blogaversary!!!

  11. Happy one year blogaversary! Your blog is delightful and I am happy to be one of your followers. Thanks for sharing your humorous point of view and thanks for the time you take to comment on my blog - you are a wonderful follower! Hugs and cheers - Rhonda

  12. Congrats on your bloganniversary! You rock your blog w/ all your posts! I find it hard to post more than a few times a week so my hat's off to you!