Monday, February 7, 2011

Frosted Petunias Artful Bag challenge: February

Lucky me, lucky me: About three months ago I bought an ekSuccess slim punch and saved the box in which it came.

The container has red flowers printed on clear packaging with the motto "sleek, lightweight, superior."

Aside from that second thing, of course, it's exactly ME.

Erm. At least the superior part is so me (yeah, I've got some maturing to do). 

That, plus the guilt of adding to the landfill was too great, and the little box seemed so well made ... so here it has been sitting. Adorning my craft desk, then the office desk ... on to the bookshelves ... then finally the Artful Bag challenge for February arrived and TahDah!

The perfect little container to refurbish into a lovely floral and pink handbag! Yay!

I cut some Post-it brand craft paper to cover the less fortunate bits of the box, and then added a chunk of card stock on the interior back to create a backdrop for the super sumptuous Tattered Florals flower on the front.

That flower is created using a favorite technique from Tim Holtz's compendium: Alcohol ink agate on grunge. Delicious, isn't it?

I punched a few Fiskars flowers from a lighter pink Post-it craft paper, then popped in a little fleur de lis, ribbon handle with a key charm because, you know, this is a high-end handbag.

OK, now it's your turn. I know you're like me and have a pile of stuff around that was just "too good to throw away" ... grab something from the toppling mountain and dress it up for the February Artful Bag challenge!

But, before you dig into the crafty avalanche, be sure to stop by my own Blogaversary celebration post!


  1. Terrific upcycling, loving your bag. Annette x

  2. vou correndo atras das minnhas embalagens e elaborar algo assim brilhante como a sua caixa transparente!

  3. Love your bag, great recycling xx

  4. love what you did with is beautiful.

  5. Lovely purse. Love it.


  6. Girl if you ever decide on a career change you need to go into comedy, ROFL!!!!!I want front row seats!
    On another note your box is beautiful and so much better than ending up in the landfill. Kudos !!!
    hugs Lynn

  7. I enjoyed your post as much as your bag! I can't believe that's the same box. What a great use of something that would've ended up in the landfill. I love what everyone is doing this month. I think I should rename it Recycle It, lol! Fabulous pink bag. Thank you for playing :)


  8. Oh man, that flower is DELISH! I LOVE it! The whole thing is spectacular! Lookit chu, you go girl!

  9. Love your fab February box. Stuck on mine at the moment. I have kept a box to use.

  10. Love your bag the colors are so brilliant.

  11. Love yor bag! Have a great weekend.
    XO Marie

  12. Your bag is so brilliant! Love that you turned packaging into a wonderful recycled beauty! Too fun! Why Lynn said, save me a front row seat also! Too fun you are! Happy Thursday!

  13. Another valentine beauty! Great eye on using the beautiful design of the packaging to your advantage. It's a lovely purse and a lovely message too. It could have been trash, but instead you turned it into one heck of a treasure!

    Faith, trust, and faerie dust!

  14. Great foresight on your part! Don't you just love when you save something and transform it into something fabulous?!? Well, that's exactly what you've done!! What a fabulous transformation! Love that you can see through it, too! And your flower embellishment is beautiful! :)

  15. Very creative bag! I'm so impressed with everyone's ability to see beyond the package into what they want to create! Very cool.

  16. Wow this is so clever and creative. beautiful bag
    I just popped in to say hello and let you know i have a freebie on my blog today... i often do 24 hour freebies and this is the latest, please pop by today if you want it and get chance.
    have a lovely weekend
    hugs June

  17. Such a fun post and the bag is sassy as well! I can feel the fun and love you put into your bag and it is contagious. Love, love, love the tattered flower on the front!

    I am out visiting all the wonderful purses since I decided to take the plunge and join in the fun and having a wonderful time!

    Hugs, antonella :-)

  18. see that's why us crafters never throw anything away.... what a great box.... love how you altered it!!!!