Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The fall harvest

Until this year we'd only dabbled in farming ... if you count a herb garden, neglected fruit trees, tulips and hostas as farming.

No, I suppose that would be less like farming and more like "Um, is that a weed or a plant? We better leave it alone."

This year we decided to reach out a bit more into the world of Real Food. Early on, as you kind followers already know, we lost tomatoes, fruit tree buds, boxwood basil and a first round of corn to a late freeze. And then, another later freeze.

Still, I was standing in our back yard recently clapping like a two-year-old at Christmas as we plucked out of the ground white and red onions.

We tugged corn off of stalks and even discovered that Yukon gold potato plants we thought long dead were actually busy building up beautiful blond globes of starchy goodness.

One look at my photos reveals that we've got enough freshly-harvested produce for only a few potato and onion breakfasts or grilled corn fests.

But who cares? We grew FOOD! And it's GOOD food! More than four pounds of potatoes! Eight edible ears of corn (plus a few Zombie cobs like the one you see here)!

Better yet though, we now have a somewhat educated plan for next year.

Using intelligence and careful planning we intend to drop in seeds and plants from virtually every known possible backyard garden food group and water them until they die or give us another fantastic fall flavor fest!

This means that for the first time in my adult life I'm looking forward to Winter and next Summer!

Maybe next fall we'll be serving pumpkin pie made from our very own pumpkins!

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  1. How fun!!! Love the ZomCorn! Enjoy your bountiful harvest!