Sunday, September 19, 2010

Masking basics: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

Ouu, folks! I'm fighting the final 15 here.

So, we've got a French-ish piece using a Holtz borderline mask and worn lipstick distress ink, among other stamps and embellishments.

That's the card I think I meant to make all along.

The next piece was my first attempt for this week's Compendium challenge: It's funny ... looking.

The third photo is only to prove that you can use embossing folders without an embossing machine ... you'll even end up being able to put the embossing EXACTLY where you want it to go.

Just put your paper in the folder, grab a mallet and bang away!

Really! Take a look at my "Amite" card! See how the pressed embossing sort of wraps around the stamped image? All mallet baby!

So, you've got at least 10 minutes six minutes! Get on over to this week's Studio L3 challenge inspired by the fun and interesting Compendium of Curiosities!


  1. Now, there's a new and effective way to use crafting supplies as a stress-relief tool! I can totally imaging you slamming that mallet, "MUST...(Bang!)...EMBOSS...(Bang!)....CARDSTOCK...(Bang!)...NOW! (Bang! Bang! BANG!). That made my night!

    I like BOTH your cards a whole lot, CB, and your masking work is fabulous! I'm completely enamored by the Parisian/Worn Lipstick piece with that cool little emblem. The King card is cool, too-- really great colors and stamps, and the only thing that would make it better would be a big Elvis head (you know.. The King...).

    Great job, times two, and welcome home from your trip! I hope you guys had a great time with your parents. :-)

  2. Well I actually like them both! Oh and I may very well try the mallot trip and hopefully you are serious!!! Tomorrow starts a new game!

  3. LOL scary crafting with that mallet LOL Great work as always, you are very hard on yourself xx Zoe

  4. Super masking, think they both look good. Love your mallet, that is a serious craft tool.

  5. LOL, brilliant. Love them both. Annette x