Friday, September 17, 2010

A quick hello

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week! We've been enjoying a few days with my parents in Southern Idaho, including a lovely afternoon drive to Sun Valley and more than a few lazy evenings on the deck.

My post tomorrow for Drunken Stampers won't be up until the late afternoon, so I hope you'll stop by again then.

After that, please plan to check in later this week when I post a recipe for Sangria -- a wonderful citrus-filled drink my parents seem to have perfected.

Also, you might already know that My Guy has been unemployed for a few months now, which means the general household budget is tight and the craft budget is even tighter. Still, which crafter can go Cold Turkey?

So, aside from a few bucks here and there, I've been tucking away extra dollars to spend while in Twin Falls (not only could I find a large Holtz selection here, but I feel obliged to "spread the wealth" and support small town small businesses).

Hopefully you won't mind then if I selfishly giggle with glee for a moment because I finally have Holtz numerals and grunge paper and masks and metal trinkets, among several other items that I've been "saving up" for (and, as mentioned, which I couldn't find in Reno).

Now I'm left feeling melancholy, thinking of leaving my parents' house ... while feeling dizzy with anticipation of arriving home where I can use my new Holtz products!

Prost to the weekend!


  1. So glad you have had a great time and also how those Tim Holtz products must have forced themselves on you, it is so rude to refuse isn't Safe journey home, Annette x

  2. I agree with Netty! You had to give the small town some much needed business! Glad you are having a great time!