Monday, November 22, 2010

Page 40: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

Wow! I love this week's Studio L3 Compendium challenge!

First, we have our sweetest-ever Linda who is giving us Two Weeks for the challenges through the Winter Solstice Celebration (aka: Christmas for folks who celebrate with a tree, but not the birth ... or who celebrate with nothing more than ruddy cheeks and jolly smiles).

Then we have this super cool Compendium of Curiosities Double distress technique from page 40 of the Compendium, which incorporates one of my favorite things: Embossing!

Really the only way you wouldn't know that about me is if you've never, not ever been here at Not a Moment to Spare, or at Drunken Stampers, or anywhere at all that I've ever been.

Embossing, whether pressed or heated, is the most stupendous way to upgrade recipients' reactions. What would have garnered an "Oh, that's neat," becomes "Holy crap! You made that? Cool!"

Of course I don't know that's what will happen. It's only how I imagine the exchange. Because embossing is way cool. And so is Tim Holtz. And most of all our Linda is the coolest!

Can you imagine such a person in fantasy or reality? She works her rear end silly keeping the Compendium challenges fun and surprising and fair and inspiring and perfect ... and she thanks us, her readers, for doing so much for her.

Yeah. Pretty much the modern world's version of Athena.

Do your own part to celebrate our favorite real-life goddess by putting together a piece of art using Tim's double distress technique, then share it with Linda and her followers before 8 p.m. Mountain on Dec. 5.


  1. You are pretty cool yourself! and holy crap what an incredible piece of art you created. Years ago when I lived in the city I would host a winter solstice party with my story teller friend. We would have a special story teller come and Athena would be there and we would have truffles. There would only be space to sit on the floor and it was a magical event. You would have liked it.

  2. ah, one of my favorite things to do (vacation) on a card fit for a king! My first reaction had to have been "HOLY CRAP IS THAT GREAT!!!"

  3. Gorgeous grungyness!

  4. When it comes to cool, who does not think of you also! Linda is wonderful and not only has she made this so fun, but she has managed to join so many of us as a group of friends! Amazing how that works!

    The embossing is fabby cool and I also love embossing. Love that EF you used and the "vacation" is a brilliant touch! So be loving this Holy Crap card!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Love what you have done this week!

  6. Amazing piece, love all the elements you added, to the embossed background.

  7. You made me cry! Like, super happy, grateful-beyond-imagination tears. Thank you so much, CB!

    Oh, and that embossed work of beauty you created is one of the most stupendously cool things I've seen in a very long time! You, my dear, are the Queen of Embossing. This is gorgeous, with those warm colors and the brilliantly chosen metallic accents and perfect double distressing!

    And it reminds me of one of my favorite 80s songs, too! ("Vacation, all I ever wanted... Vacation, had to get away...!")

    You are an amazing artist AND an amazing friend. Thank you, honey!

  8. ooo, this is so COOL! I love your embossing, and all the other goodies are just fabulous! p.s. you're hysterical!

  9. I just love this, its totally fabulous, in fact Holy Crap AMAZING.
    Sue x

  10. Woo Hoo not only do you say all the right and brilliant words re Linda, you create a fabulous card my friend. Annette x

  11. Agreed on all points, and a wonderful creation you've made too.