Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perfect distress: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

Whew, where's the time going? We're nearly at the end of 2010 and already at the twenty-first Compendium challenge at Studio L3!

This week we were asked to create something using the technique on page 38 of the Compendium, Perfect distress.

It's a perfectly fun technique, with lots of inks and shimmery powder and water and heat guns and if your craft room was clean before it's not now, sort of stuff.

My favorite part of this technique is that the finished image always looks like a fresh tattoo: A bit raised and raw, a bit shiny and wet.

Which is exactly how it should look after being put through so much stressful craftiness!

Now, since I'm all for the idea that we're not supposed to tell the tale of Tim's techniques, I won't reveal to you how things are done or with which products. That said, I'm sure Tim will not be offended when I offer the following recommendation.

Choose stamps with thick lines and shapes. Stamps with finely-detailed lines will be pretty, but will absolutely not result in the gorgeous visual "pop" that this method can produce.

See? No smoldering hair from being zapped with a Holtzian lighting bolt (I'm sure glad I wore my tin foil hat today).

OK, go forth people! Dig into your stash of stamps, grab your Compendium and stop by Studio L3 before tomorrow's 8 p.m. MDT Compendium Challenge deadline!


  1. Your technique positively glows, such a gorgeous colour. Annette x

  2. Yeap, this girl is so right about the finer detailed stamp lines. Go bold!! Your stamped image is stunningly "Perfect" and I don't see any smudge puddles! Can you believe we have been doing this for 21 weeks, really the time does fly! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Fantastic, thanks for the tip out thicker lines on the stamp.

  4. Love the way your technique came out! Looks great!
    To answer your ?? on my blog comment (I didn't have a way to email you):
    blotchy dymo tape - was originally pukey yellow color, I used alcohol inks to color it. lol
    mini stapler - I used a regular stapler before, but I gotta say, the tiny attacher staples like a dream and is much littler, for ATC's and other small stuff.. I really love it now. I would watch for it to be on sale somewhere or use a coupon from Hobby Lobby or Michael's, would be a steal then. Thanks for your wonderful, witty comments, I really appreciate them!

  5. No kidding-- where DOES the time go??

    You know, it never occurred to me that the finished Perfect Distress looks like a new tattoo, but you're absolutely rignt! Great analogy (and if tattoos came this shimmery, I'd definitely get at least one!).

    Your card is fabulous! You did the Perfect Distress perfectly, and obviously have the magic touch for not under- or over-spraying! You should give lessons to people like me!

    Your recommendations are excellent, in fact, I wish I'd said that. But c'mon, if I'd known you were wearing your tin foil hat today, I'd have switched mine out for the hub cap hat. It's so embarrassing when we're dressed the same! ;-)

    Fab job, darlin'!

  6. Your 'fresh tattoo' description is spot on! Love your piece. I found I was a bit heavy handed with the water misting part, still, we learn by our mistakes!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog x