Sunday, November 7, 2010

Punch me baby!: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Everyone has a punch or two, hell even people who don't really craft have one. So, there's no excuse for you to miss this week's Drunken Stampers Challenge.

You know how it is. You're in the dollar and less store, the craft store looking for stickers, anywhere these little paper-munching tools exist -- you've been there and seen one, or two or maybe even three, that you thought "I could use that to make confetti," or like so many of us who has no money, but large amounts of crap stuff, "Surely I'll find some way to use that neat punch!"

As a lover of all things winter and snow, I can't pass snowflake-shaped punches. I mean, literally, I try to avoid the punch sections in stores because if I see a snowflake ... home it'll come.

It turned out to be a bonus this week, though, with the Drunken Stampers Punches challenge because I got to combine my snowflakes, in various glittery and shiny papers, and a Close To My Heart clear card.

My Martha Stewart snowflake border punch/embosser as well as a little "let it snow" stamp came out for the project, too!

Just one thing ... can anybody tell me how you write a note on a clear card without ruining the design? Attach it on a sticky note, I guess ...


Editor's note: If you need to fix something that didn't post, as this was supposed to have done yesterday ... take a look at the post "date and time" ... if the year is 2011 ... you'll solve a lot of troubles by changing that last "one" to a "zero" ...


  1. Those are some pretty punched snowflakes and how fun to play with things you love! The snowflake border is perfect for the "let it snow." I have a small pile of punches and forget to use them or which ones I have! Not a clue about writing on a clear card!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Hey, this is really gorgeous! Did you seriously get those snowflake punches at the Dollar Store?! I mean, I know you didn't get the Martha punch there, Martha doesn't deal in such small denominations, but those snowflakes are cool, too, and for a buck I'd actually invest in more punches than the three I own. Was that a run-on sentence? Don't answer that...

    You rocked this challenge, CB!

  3. Gorgeous card, the snowflake punch was a bargain

  4. 'Let it Snow', now that song is going round and round in my head. Thank you very
    Terrific card. Annette x

  5. I have two drawers full of those darn punches, but do I ever remember to use them? NO!!! Thanks for the inspiration. guess I need to dust them off first!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck hun!
    hugs Lynn

  6. I love this card, you have done an awesome job! I love snowflakes, snowmen, all things glittery and snowy except for the real deal! Too bad I live where it falls like crazy!