Saturday, November 13, 2010

A stitch in time: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Welcome to this week's introduction to the Drunken Stampers Challenge inspiration: A stitch in time.

You don't have to save nine as the challenge is actually about including something related to sewing. Real or faux, whichever.

I think I cheated a bit as my piece doesn't have either: That adorable little American Crafts flower is probably more crocheted than sewn and even my almost faux stitching on the sentiment frame ... well ... sometimes I have a hard time sticking to a challenge.

You see, I started with the "... saves nine ..." phrase, then drove w-a-y out to the overlook where I considered creating something with a Teddy Bear in need of repairs before I finally hit the turn signal and U-turned back to Main Street.

Come to think of it, my final project actually turned out to be further from the challenge than the idea from which I ran away. And, you know what else? If I slow down and give it more thought, there's the confession that I didn't want to do something with a Teddy Bear, because cute didn't sound like something I wanted to be today.

Which makes perfect sense when you look at my card here, because it's obviously not in any way cute with lots of pale pink and baby blue and butterflies and little crocheted flowers.

Huh-uh. No cute here.

Oh well, at least I finally snuck one of those clever little trinket pins onto a project.

So, drop in with us at the Drunken Stampers pub to show off what you can stitch up -- cute is entirely optional.


  1. Love how you went with the challenge this week! My faux stitching sucks, I think yours is wonderful! And I love the sentiment, My grandfather used to say that when we were young, it put a smile on my face.

  2. Beautiful piece, know that saying well.

  3. This card is sew wonderful for the challenge! You worked it well! I love the addition of the pin. I always forget to use all these finds I pick up along the way!

  4. Love this! Sew fun - ha ha ha. Couldn't resist. :)

  5. what a great sentiment and faux stitching chickie! thanks for the inspiration