Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Colorful layered fragments: A Studio L3 Compendium Challenge

This week at Studio L3's Compendium Challenge it's all about the stamps, Fillable Pens and fragments.

Which means that I expected to love this one. Turns out that I don't like it all.

This technique can be easily recreated in exactly the way our Mr. Holtz describes it. The completed bits can be used to make outstanding pieces of art just like the one Linda put together to post with the challenge.

I like the example in the Compendium, and all of the challenge pieces posted at Studio L3.

And I like this calendar page I've made. It's only not the kind of thing that makes me say "Wow! Just imagine what can be done with that!"

Before someone looks more closely at my lovely February page and realizes that I cheated I'd like to say something else: As usual I cheated, but only on this finished piece.

After making two fragments I disliked, the third one I made and didn't like was torn apart to make the fragment you see here.

Part of that dislike could be my stamps: I used flowers with very bold lines. But they were the stamps I chose after trying others, with thinner lines, and didn't like them, either.

Maybe it's the alcohol ink colors that I'm unhappy with: It's not as if I own Tim's full line. I do have a dozen colors though, which are all favorites in my repertoire.

The element I know is not the problem are the Adirondack Fillable Pens. Those things make me happy. Smile like a toddler with a new toy kind of happy. Given a choice between meeting Tim Holtz and owning a bucket of these pens would be a hard decision kind of happy (don't be silly, of course I'd choose to personally thank and hug Mr. Holtz, but play along with my verbal illustration, OK?).

Anyhow, aside from obviously not using the recommended background, my big time cheat of the week is that the fragment isn't stamped with a cool winged heart. Instead it's got my own wee Sharpie drawing (another favorite tool of mine, but that started back when I was a kid stealing them from my Dad).

I'm so relieved that Mr. Holtz tells us, Linda reminds us and all of us chide one another: Make each technique your own.

Because I can't stick to the instructions no matter how clearly they are laid out in front of me.


  1. LOL! You crack me up. I like your fragment, and your calendar page is wonderful, so there.

  2. Great page! I think lots of people have had to improvise in one way or another throughout all these challenges, and I won't tell if you don't:)

  3. LOL I think you are worse than me for improvising and thats saying something.... I really like your calendar page and love your fragment.........Have a great week. Annette x

  4. Okay this is try 3 for writing a comment on your lovely calendar page.I like the colors you used and your stamped corners. This isn't a technique I use much. I spent way too many hours painting and then erasing little fragments.

  5. You rocked the challenge and made it your own and that is awesome! I love your calendar and the winged heart on the 14th. I am so dreading doing this one, because I just love jerking my hand on clear anything! That I have not mastered. I have cleaned off many a clear pieces! Have a great evening!

  6. Love your calendar page. I think we all do a little cheating, and if Tim see's all our entries, I'm sure he doesn't mind! We make it our own no matter what the instructions are, and that's his philosophy!

  7. I think your page came out great! And I love the idea of using a sharpie to create the image (not that that would work for me..can't draw for nuttin'!) I had to redo my fragment 3 times...none of my inks would heat-set! Finally got a good color, then smeared the front, so overstmampd, a tad out of alignment..oh well.

  8. Loved reading your post. The calendar and fragment piece look Fabby to me. xx

  9. hahaha, your tooooo funny, hey at least you got yours done, me well I.. er.. Um..well..(hangs head in shame) maybe this weekend? LOL

  10. LOL love your explanation sure you'll be forgiven! Fabulous page and love your winged heart. XOXO Zoe

  11. You know, one of my favorite things about you-- along with your humor and artistic talent-- is your rebellious nature. For real. I LOVE that you take these challenges and find ways to personalize them to your own preferences. I'm not sure why you don't like this finished piece, though-- I think it's a brilliant way to use the Fragment, and the fact that you HAND DREW the design makes me all kinds of happy. I so couldn't do that. Mine would look like a pile of mashed potatoes or something. This is one of those Valentines that makes me love the holiday even more. Great job, CB!

  12. Brilliant use of a Sharpie - love that directions are only a guideline for you, that makes you so creative! cheers!