Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year New challenge: A Drunken Stampers challenge

Happy New Year everyone! Surely you've got big plans for the next 52 weeks, and we hope those plans include a weekly visit to the four of us at Drunken Stampers!

We're starting off Two Thousand Eleven with a healthy jump into something New! That's right, just use something you've never used before to create an amazing bit of art, then post it with us at DS' Mr. Linky!

My own new is a little UTEE and PearlEx pendant with a Holtz swivel clasp and blingy rhinestone! For me, the melting pot and UTEE are completely new!

This charm is a little basic, I realize, but give me a break -- it's my first ever attempt!

So, guess what I'm doing to celebrate New Year's Day? That's right! I've got the fire extinguisher nearby and a full bottle of UTEE! I'm either partying with some cool new projects, or a house fire. I suppose it all depends on how much New Year's Day Guinness I have while practing UTEEing.

I'll keep you updated! And you update us at the Drunken Stampers lounge, pub and craft house!


  1. I think your charm is beautiful! The shape reminds me of the goddess so wear it for protection while you are playing with fire. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh it sounds like fun, playing with the UTEE not fire!!! A couple of months ago I bought the melting pot, but it lay on the floor unopened. Now you inspired me to pull it out and find the fire extinguisher!!! Happy New Year!!

  3. I love your pendant, its such a beautiful colour. Look forward to seeing more of them. Annette x

  4. Great color! I need to play with my UTEE more too. So, thanks for the inspiration! lol! It looks great, really!

  5. Well lets hope you don't need to break out that fire extinguisher! hahahahaha, Great Utee project. maybe I'll even have a chance to heat up the old pot!
    Glad you got to Play on New Years!

  6. Love your charm, hope you never need the extinguisher.
    Happy New Year. xx