Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fuzzy: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

My first thought for the Drunken Stampers Fuzzy Challenge was to create something with ferrets, or at least using a photo of one of our ferrets, since we often refer to them as "The Fuzzies."

But I decided that our little monsters aren't yet ready for stardom and that I should stick to flocking powder.

Unfortunately the flocking powder didn't work out. Actually, it worked out: I didn't like the result. The problem, I think, is that I only have white flock. There's no written evidence, but it's a good guess that the white was purchased with the idea to use it for Christmas. Snow or something.

But even in person the white flock is hardly visible. Plus I'm too impatient or dumb to figure out how to make it work really well. Yeah. I'm not going to be running out for more flocking powder.

Anyhow it's all OK because plenty of paper companies make flocked, printed designs. The one on this box cover is from Die Cuts With a View La Creme stack. It's a stack full of gorgeous, vintage wallpaper style prints that I use often.

After finishing my little box I realized that I could have skipped the flocked paper, too, because the green flower center is fuzzy corduroy! Yay!

Now, you should start working on your own fuzzy project and give us a share at the Drunken Stampers Challenge blog before midnight January 21st.

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot! That's a Tim Holtz idea-ology hitch fastener standing tall as the box lid handle! Cool, huh? Love those hitches!

Alright the real Fuzzies won a chance at notoriety: Sparky is the brown one. That's her not wasting time digging Santa's presents out of the stocking, instead she's just stealing the whole thing. Then you've got Finn. He's protecting the booty from dangerous toy-stealing monsters.


  1. Love all your fuzzy wazzies and the box. XOXO Zoe

  2. How amazing your ferrets are, never realised you could keep them as pets. Have only seen them at County Fairs racing through hurdles...well sometimes not racing just standing still and looking up at you as if to say I have had enough of this............
    Loving your box. Annette x

  3. The box is adorable, and so are your pets!

  4. How fun to see your family!!! I have heard so much about them and they are quite cute! I think your flocking box is very nice and the handle is a very clever touch. Wonder if you can color FP with Glimmer Mist or something to chance the color. I have never used it, so probably not. I know misting would be a mistake with regular EP. Have a great weekend!

  5. CB what an adorable furry, family! They're sooo cute! I never thought of colouring fun flock, I have mixed it with glitter...although it does sorta look like sparkly dandruff! lol
    It's an adorable box and I soooo have to get me some hitch fasteners!



  6. Your box is super, but I have to say your furry friends have stolen the show this time for me, they are adorable. XX

  7. While your fuzzy box is cool your fur babies stold the show! How sweet they are. Makes me want to cuddle up to them!