Monday, January 24, 2011

Pay it forward folks!

But first, as usual, a story: On a Thanksgiving Day many years ago my family were all at my sister's house and, having a few hours before friends would arrive or the turkey would be done, we collectively decided to watch the movie Pay it Forward.

Well, not collectively exactly. My dad, who had already seen the movie, warned us "that's not a movie to watch today."

He told us the movie is sad. Really, very sad, he said. To which my mother and brother and sister and I replied, "Puhshaw."

I can't remember exactly what happened after that, between all of the teary eyes and stuffy noses, but I will forever remember one important lesson: While at times a father's advice might not be quite right, it's best to heed his warning when he tells you that a particular movie is really, very sad.

Of course, everything turned out well even on that very day since it gave my dad another subject on which he could tease all of us, and Pay it Forward is going to turn out good again today. Because today we look at another Pay it Forward story.

This story is all about crafty bloggers doing a little Pay it Forward art! I've no idea where it started originally, but my own part in this story began last night while visiting Zoe's blog, This little place.

She had posted her own Pay it Forward notice: Now I'm on her list and will receive a little Zoe creation sometime in 2011!

I know you want to play along, too, so here's how: To begin, be one of the first five people who leave a comment on this post asking for a piece of art from me (I'll request your mailing address via e-mail, and will send a surprise to you sometime before the end of 2011).

Then, Pay it Forward with your own post and art offering!

I can't wait to see who signs up and the great pieces that travel here and there and everywhere!

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  1. Ok, so it does not like have to be within the next two weeks - cool! I could tell you a real life story and you would cry, but I will keep it on a happy note! I can do this, but I am not the story telling that you are! Remember "Father knows best?" That reminds me of your story!