Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hacked to bits: Macabre Monday

A couple of weeks ago after posting a piece with a skull in the design an astute observer suggested I add it to the Macabre Monday challenge over at Haunted Design House.

Since then I've been watching the Haunted House and thinking of things creepy ... ahm ... trying to think of things creepy.

Last week's challenge, Dastardly Divas, was awesome with a whole lot of great submissions and fantastic design team pieces. But I failed. Because I couldn't think myself into a dastardly or even creepy piece. My mind was filled with sexy, sultry, risque. And, the much maligned cute.

Although I am an unapologetic lover of pink and Hello Kitty and all things "Awwww" I do not believe I'm exactly cute. Well, I am cute (if I say so myself). My art, I mean, it's not cute.

Unless apparently I'm aiming for Not Cute. Then it's freaking adorable. Dripping with sweetness and pinkness and Safe For Children-Ness.

So I wasn't immediately jumping with anticipation at this week's Macabre Monday challenge: Hacked to bits.

Until I found The Octopode Factory's Queen Elizabeth I on a Queens collage sheet. And my thoughts filled with "Off with their heads!"

Which, despite being less saccharine than Holly Hobbie does obviously remain more cute than macabre, but give me a break: I've only recently discovered that I'm not a diva, but am very likely a princess. It's enough to scar anyone for life.

I need a beer so I can burp. Do princesses burp? No? How about divas? Take a swig or two and let me know, then dig around in your own brain for Hacked to bits Haunted Design House creative inspiration!


  1. Awesome card hun! No idea about the burping thing, seeing as I am neither a princess or a diva. Just a plain old badass beeeeitch!! LOL.
    Thanks for playing at MM this week and good luck!
    Teri x

  2. Take a Maalox with a beer, that will do the trick! I don't believe princesses burp or discuss their need to burp. I could be wrong, I have before been wrong! You are a riot my Diva or not, Princess or not friend! Very fun creation this is! Love your Hacked to Bits and how that mind works!

  3. Cute Macabre piece.


  4. Hacked to Bits is totally awesome.......you cute.........nah...never.....lol Annette x

  5. Its great, its a brill image. xx

  6. Oh your post has made me laugh! I'm pretty sure that every time a princess burps, a butterfly dies. Nature in balance, and all that :P And we do allow an occasional touch of cuteness, as long as it's balanced by something like the order to behead to someone :P You've wonderfully mixed the last two challenges together for this piece, and created a diva who hacks off people's heads, fantastic job! Thanks for playing along again!

  7. Hehe fab work and my little princess who is also a diva burps, trumps and scratches her butt all of the time so yeah. x