Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sponsored colors: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Happy weekend everyone!

It's sure been great getting here as we Drunken Stampers are sponsored this week by the good folks at DRS Designs!

The DRS images I chose, clover sprig and Old Irish Blessing, worked perfectly with this week's DS challenge: Use coral, teal and purple.

In fact, I ended up so happy with this card that it's already been shoved into an envelope and mailed off to a friend!

This is normal operation for me which means my house is full of stuff I only half like (or stuff I really like, but is too thick or delicate to just shove in envelope and hand to the mailman). The stuff I'm most excited about usually gets shipped off right away ... another reason I try to take photos of everything. I've actually created things, been so pleased that I get them mailed off right away, then a week later can't even remember what the hell I made. I hate that.

But I love these DRS stamps! Most that I've seen are simple and clean which means they're usable for everything from quick handwritten letter art, coloring or even heat embossing (you know I'm a stickler about heat embossing ... the best stamped images for embossing have to be immaculate).

Anyhow, make your very own piece for our challenge this week (just make sure this week's challenge piece is brand new, and not entered in any other challenge), and you might win a DRS Designs gift certificate!


  1. Love your card, the Irish Blessing had me with a lump in my throat as I read it, a beautiful sentiment.

  2. I love Irish sentiments! CB, your friend will just love this card! What is not to love, the colors and images are awesome! Love it! Happy Weekend to you!

  3. I love your Card - I like your use of the three colors. It is awesome.


  4. Great card Tracey, you did a great job with the colour combo. I really struggled with this one. hehe. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments as usual. Hope you are well. :-)