Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be The Buddha

Once in awhile I have trouble remembering to be calm and not flip out.

There've been a few years now in which I could have learned this -- less than 60, but more than 20 (I figure it's OK if, before I turned six, I only learned useful things like how to use Crayons to create fake wallpaper).

While discussing my temper with my mom I found out that she gave me my teeny, tiny tantrum-throwing talent. This came as a surprise to me: I don't remember her turning red and screaming at my sister or me, but I remember knowing that I had one chance to reach adulthood and not pissing off my parents was a reliable route.

So, deep down I probably knew my mom possessed the ability to cross the line from silly and fun to dragon lady (alright, maybe I remember one or two "fits"). By the way, this is something I think a lot of today's kids could use a dose of as well, but that's an entirely different subject.

Anyway, my point here is that I have a sometimes unpredictable temper and it's not my fault. However, to ensure I keep my own little Gila Monster in check I created a personal mantra: Be The Buddha.

Don't develop an individual philosophy based on this believing it is true to Buddhism, this is MY version.

Buddha is traditionally a happy kind of guy. Chubby, too, so you know he can get his grub on. He's always looking to help people out and is grateful for the little things. He always appears content to be Buddha.

Did I mention he's a happy and content kind of guy? Go to your favorite search engine and find a picture of Buddha. He's happy, right? He's content, correct?

I could have squished this entire post into two paragraphs:

This handmade sign is designed to remind me of my mantra: Be The Buddha. The mantra leads to the image of a happy, open, go-lucky guy. And the image leads to no more tantrum.

Whew. Another overreaction stopped in its tracks ...

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