Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ouu! A little egg box from Crazy 4 Crafting

One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade from my original Cricut to an Expression is so that I could cut boxes ... containers, really, of any kind.

Containers large enough to actually *contain* tiny gifts and things.

With the Expression, Cricut's Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge is great. Honestly, though, if you take a second to check out Crazy 4 Crafting you will find the best, BEST ideas and .cut files (Gypsy files, too).

And our dear blogger, Cindy, likes to share. She shares for the cost of an easy-to-keep promise: Give credit where it's due.

Basically, don't take her ideas and pretend they are yours.

I've used a couple of her designs for gifts, and have played with nearly all of them for fun. They are Truly Amazing.

Did you read that? Truly. Amazing.

Today's ScrapShare are boxes for candy Easter eggs -- you know the ones. Cindy designed a large box for Cadbury size chocolate eggs and another for the mini eggs (think Butterfinger or Crunch or Palmer eggs).

I especially love her designs, and this one particularly, because you and I and everyone we know are trying to Not. Be. Pigs.

You can easily give each of your friends or co-workers or neighbors a fine treat without giving them oddles of crap none of us should eat.

In fact the small box holds just less than one serving size of sweets, so an individual or couple or family sharing a box ... a lovely treat that is damn near guilt free.

So you know, I have no personal connection to Cindy. As noted a few paragraphs previous, I've used a couple of her designs and played with most of them. I ran across her blog myself some months back: This isn't a sales pitch ... she's seriously got some amazing stuff you should check out.

Well? Go ... visit her ...


  1. First of all, I LOVE LOVE what you did with that tiny egg box! Such cute paper and colors! Thanks so much for the shout out about my designs! It made me smile BIG TIME! to find some more of those eggs...hmm...I think I saw some in the freezer....

  2. Very cool blog! I see you don't have followers but if you did, there I would be. I like that you do all kinds of different projects!! It keeps us guessing at what you will create next!! Enjoy! =)

  3. Wow,thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment! Both me and My husband appreciate it! And I would give up my favorite pair of shoes to be able to have some of your creativity! Through this deployment I have had so much down time, and realized I need a hobby a craft, something to keep me busy! I will for sure attempt this last post! And swear I will not go out and buy something close to it for 45 bucks!!!

    Again thanks for the Boost! Helps so much!
    And yes Hold your guy tight, and completely embrace the peace and calm you feel when your lying together and you feel his feet touch yours, the weight of him on your bed! And the smell he leaves on the pillows everyday! ;)

  4. adorable little candy them..and the ya