Friday, March 5, 2010

Lace and glitter

Yet again I'm making it in under the wire for a Drunken Stampers deadline.

Today's project mixed a bit of their challenge -- lace and glitter -- with a project I needed to finish this week: A box to hold a care package for a friend who has surgery on Thursday.

Don't worry, it's unlikely she'll have any complications during surgery: I'm sure about this as she's also my boss so I'd have to kick her ass if she were out more than the scheduled week.

This box is cool with a good interior space yet still small enough to be solid even built from card stock.

Tomorrow I'll post more about where I found this SVG file box. UPDATE: Alright, honestly, I am as usual moving on to other things, but dropped in to add this link because the Cricut-cut box is not my design and the creator deserves credit: The Project Girl.

Have a fantastic weekend all!


  1. be-au-ti-ful!!!! elegant and rich looking..tfs loves ya

  2. What a great fan you have there! If this box don't give you a raise then nothing will! ;o)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have to agree with you on the amount of ferrets - especially when those two ferrest don't get along! Ferrets are cool pets!

    Take care!


  3. How cool is that???!! Love the fan idea!! I'll tell ya...some of my best creating comes at the 11th hour!! I need a little time crunch to get myself going! As long as you're having fun, do what you gotta do to get those creative juices going!! Thanks for playing with us Drunken Stampers!!