Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inchies: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

This card is for the week's Drunken Stamper's challenge: Inchies.

Looking at Spike and Peg's work I think I might have missed the point, but I had fun anyway!

Let's start with the "features." The woman reading silhouette is from Dover Publications: If you're a Cricuter and use Sure Cuts A Lot you absolutely must pick up at least a few of the Dover clip art books. They've been invaluable to me for all sorts of random shapes. Dover's shapes can be imported directly from the disc that comes with the books or "reworked" in several applications before SCAL import.

Also, keep Dover in mind if all you're looking for are some really cool paper dolls for the little people in your life, stickers or fillers for stockings and birthday gift bags. Honest to Jebus. I love Dover. Sign up for the Dover e-mail newsletter -- they sent a weekly e-mail with special offers and printables that can be used for coloring pages, etc.

Oh, I don't own a color printer so I forget a lot, but Dover also produces some super books with copyright-free vintage labels and such (I know, I know I'm a gadget girl and only own a black and white laser jet printer -- but what the hell, it was $10 at the Thrift Depot in Sparks).

Alright ... back to the point ... card features ... after the main cut I added a background from a random card stock pack I found on clearance several years ago and a card stock frame with heat-embossed texture. The embossed design is actually a Halloween fence with cobwebs and a crow that I stamped at odd angles to create a grunge look (what do you think, Linda?).

The "Inchies" are stamped with the initials of my best friend and amazing woman, Aubry, to whom I will send this card despite the surprise being ruined as soon as I click "publish post."

These vintage newsprint letter stamps are foam-backed so I can press and "roll" against the page to ensure some edging is visible (that's the one thing I dislike about the new acrylic-mount stamps).

Then I used more of that fabulous heat embossing along with foam pop-ups beneath to match the frame that also is raised from the cover.

The Inchies are backed by flocked card stock from a Die Cuts With a View cover -- no kidding. I adore DCWV stacks with glitter and foil and flocked pages. And the covers, with "examples" on the front that also are glittered, foiled and flocked drive me nuts: Do people actually NOT use the covers?

Finally, the Inchies backers are set with pop ups and I'm left with a design technique that makes me want to do more, more, more.

Because if three Inchies have finally reinspired my non pink and pastel world ... what the hell might TWELVE do?


  1. Great job with the challenge this week, I really like the way you used the inchies for a monogram! I'm sure your friend will love it! Thanks for playing along with us this week at the Drunken Stampers!

  2. I'd say you totally NAILED the Inchies Challenge! This is fabulous, girl! And, even though I have a Silhouette and not a Cricut, I bet your suggestion about the Dover clip art will work for me, too, and I am STOKED at the possibilities this opens up. So, thank you!

    Now, I'm not sure which Linda you're talking to, but since I AM one I'll just go ahead and tell you that you ROCKED the grunge! Super clever use of the Halloween stamp.. oh, geez, the whole freaking card is super clever, actually! Bravo!

  3. CB in agreement with Linda you sooo rocked grunge and this challenge!! An ingenious way to use a Halloween design too! I just LOVE that DCWV paper stack too and I did think of using the cover (since it's nicely flocked!!) but not until I'm done with my paper stack or out of flocked papers! You hit nail on the head with the inchies and didn't miss the point at all! And I'm gonna check to make sure I'm signed up for the Dover newsletter!!

    Fabo card this week CB!! Thank you for playing with us Drunken Stampers!!



  4. Another paper junkie here too .... and I love the Stacks with all their glitter , flock and whatever else they put on them ! And yes , I have been known to use the front cover .... why waste good paper ! LOL ! I love what you have done with the inchies which are not my favorite things to do ........... Great to see you play on DS !!!