Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crafting keeping me awake at night

Hello crafty friends! I'm sure you think I haven't been crafting much what with all of the Toasting To The Season and all, but really I've been crafting constantly.

The thing is I have lots of stuff that I can't post because the creations are for people who read this blog and because, frankly, blogging is time consuming (but you know that, don't you?).

Anyhow, the crafting and creating has been keeping me busy nearly every minute that I'm not at work or sleeping ... and last night it even interrupted the sleeping.

I was just about to drop off into the dreamy oblivion of perfect sleep under fluffy feathers and cotton quilts in a nicely-chilled room when suddenly it came to me: A rosette Christmas tree!

Please don't tell me if this wasn't my idea. Nobody wants to know that they lost sleep because of an idea someone else had first. Just keep it to yourself if I've stolen an idea and am calling it my own (unless I actually have stolen it, of course).

Here's how the little tree came together: Cut six rosettes using the Holtz Alterations rosette die (or make them by hand, if you've the patience).

Put together one full-size rosette. Then, before folding and flatting the remaining five rosettes, trim them so that each rosette strip is slightly smaller than the previous. Just eyeball the sizes and keep in mind that you'll want the smallest rosette strip to end up somewhere around half an inch wide.

Make centers for each of these smaller rosettes using a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch round punch.

Now thread a glass or metal bead on embroidery floss to act as the tree base (a heavy bead will ensure that the tree hangs nicely).

Using a large-gauge sewing needle, pull the floss through the full-size rosette center, and on through to the smallest, using a small bead between each rosette to create a classic, triangular tree shape.

Finish the tree with an origami wishing star (learn to make them here).

And now my friends I have even more to do in the ten and a half days before Christmas ... a whole bunch of rosette Christmas trees!


  1. Very cool! Love this idea, of which I will now "steal" from you...lol...so cute and fun!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful what fab idea.Beats Sleeping and well worth the loss of sleep...lol.
    have fun creating
    hugs judex

  3. Well if you stole it, it is new to me. I have not seen any such decoration and I totally love this to many pieces! Absolutely a wonderful work of art. Like Lori said, it will now be stolen from you! Brilliant idea and hopefully tonight that creative brain of yours will receive some well deserved sleep!

  4. I sooo understand!! I think of things to craft as I'm going to sleep, while in the shower and think of crafting when I'm not crafting!!
    So this beautiful Rosette Tree...methinks you're the first because I haven't seen it anywhere before and it looks AWESOME!! Keep it up girl! :)
    Although, I won't hold it against you if you've been toasting the season too!! LMAO!



  5. fabulous idea ! pitty i don't have the rosette nor the patience to do it by hand, otherwise i would steal it ;) btw: love your profile description! LOL france

  6. Looks fantastic, & it's definitely the first I've seen! Had a moment of inspiration for something myself...at 4am yesterday! Lol!
    Happy Christmas,
    Alison x

  7. Looks awesome, wish I had the rosette die, it is a brill idea.

  8. I love your tree! I am sure it is an original idea. I was wondering where you were.

  9. Terrific idea and it looks fab. Love your creative mind. Annette x