Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scribble stain: A Studio L3 Compendium Challenge

This week's Studio L3 Compendium Challenge technique, scribble stain distress, makes me crazy!

As you can see here I finally made a bit of scribbly stained paper that is an interesting base for this notebook cover.

But this is the fifth, maybe sixth, attempt. Every other scribbly sheet came out like rainbow vomit in mud. OK, that almost sounds pretty ... my muddy messes were not pretty.

The reason for my scribble stain handicap, I think, is because my touch is not light.

As a child the phrase most often used in my presence was "Don't press so hard!" I squished marker tips, broke pencil leads and spread crayon chunks everywhere.

More than once I was in trouble for "etching" words into tabletops and auto paint jobs (although I still contend that it wasn't me who permanently etched my sister's name into my grandmother's coffee table).

Today's problem is the same as that of yesteryear, it's only the product that's matured. I've moved from Ticonderoga No. 2's to reinker eye droppers and a craft sheet covered in inky swimming pools.

Luckily I love to swim, so it's not all bad. Plus, who really cares what happens when the whole process means you get to play with inks and heatguns and mini metal embellishments?

Not me!

Oh, and this week I even get to show off my Zutter binder "technique!" The Zutter is a somewhat new addition to the CuddlyBunny craft room, but I haven't been able to reveal anything yet because the creations are gifts that haven't yet been opened.

Not to worry, though. I'm completely digging the Zutter binding thing, so you'll see lots and lots of Zuttering in the future.


  1. Very pretty love the colours you have used. XOXO Zoe

  2. This is a wonderful creation! I just laughed, reading about your 'troubles' with over-doing things throughout your life! When I work with inks, I almost always over-do, as well.

  3. Its wonderful, I so love all those fab colours. Plus that is so clever basing your cover on the film Love Actually which takes place at No 10 Downing Street.....brill idea.
    Have so enjoyed your trials and tribulations plus all your joys, always told in such an entertaining way. The Zutter is on my wish list so am looking forward to seeing your many creations with it. Have a wonderful Christmas and be careful when you stuff the Turkey if your heavy handed, you could find your hand going right through the other
    Hugs Annette xx

  4. Fabulous arty book! Your background looks great! x

  5. Rainbow vomit!!!! Too Funny!! I needed to hear that! Mine was a bit heavy too, but I liked it and kept with the first. I think your cover came out great!! Hmm, I had never heard of a Zutter; can't wait to see all the fun you've had with it. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. It is a fantastic book cover.
    Have a Happy Christmas. xx

  7. You have created an awesome bookcover! I have a zutter binder but it is an older one and I haven't mastered it too well.I am looking forward to seeing what else you make My latest is a zutter cutter which I really love. I am glad you are getting to relax. I am in panic mode! I want to thank you for making me smile so much. I REALLY look forward to reading your blog. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. What a lovely finish and very cool project :D

  9. I really, really love visiting you!!! Rainbow vomit in mud! You gave me quite the laugh, but I do love this notebook cover! As far as the not loved scribbles add a iridesant embossing powder and punch out snowflakes or butterflies - it works!!! I won a BIA from Jan, so I can't wait to play! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Your cover turned out great! And I always love your description of the process... lol!

  11. oh my, I havent tried this yet, now I'm almost afraid to! Well no matter how many trys it took your end result is Lovely!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!
    hugs Lynn

  12. Great cover for a notebook! I think I overdid the alcohol ink part too but now I know not to use too much in the future.

  13. WOW!!! Fabulous cover!!! Absolutely gorgeous!! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  14. LOL! "Rainbow vomit mud?!" That's exactly what my own first few attempts looked like, so I can totally relate! You sure did pull it together, though. This is gorgeous, Tracy, and a really cool way to use the technique.

    Great job with that Zutter, too! I always seem to squish my wire too much, but you've got it dialed in perfectly! As the very lucky and delighted recipient of one of your self-bound masterpieces, I can say with authority that you are the O-wire goddess!

    Happy 2011, doll!