Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tags: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Hello Drunken Stampers and holiday season visitors!

This week's challenge is all about tags: Something that even my busy self has been finding time to create.

Surely you've all seen lots of little tags appearing here and there and everywhere, between Mr. Holtz's 12 Tags and all of us paper crafters salivating over vintage Christmas prints and glittered dreidel chip board stickers and shiny Solstice-ready snowflake punches.

My creation is less tag and more tiny greeting card. I've no idea why, exactly, but a tiny folded card on a gift always seems so very lavish and magical.

My small card, not exactly tiny at three by three and a half inches, is adorned with a chipboard piece, a vintage Santa cut from stationary, a green corduroy brad and three punched snowflakes with very special star centers.

Those gorgeous little stars, each with a single glittering rhinestone, are a kind gift from fellow blogger and friend Terry at Terry2dogs!

I seem to remember promising myself that I wouldn't be a "saver" anymore ... but here I sit writing that I saved these fantastic stars for the perfect project ... and writing further that I won't be using any more until another perfect project reveals itself.

Apparently some old dogs can't unlearn silly tricks. Luckily I know where my rhinestones are buried.

So, where are your favorite shiny and pretty bits hidden away? Why not pull out one or two or three special little pieces and create your very own tag for the Drunken Stampers Tag challenge?

We'll be waiting to see what you create!

Until then ... egg nog anyone?


  1. Beautiful little card, or not so those snowflakes with the stones look fabulous. Where are my bits and pieces......heaven only knows, I have spent the last two days looking for my Christmas cards and can I find them NOOOOOOOOOO am definitely not making anymore so just hope they turn up..... Enjoy the weekend. Annette x

  2. Its just perfect, a gorgeous tag.

  3. Gorgeous work! Love that Santa image!

  4. Love your tiny greeting card and the little stars are gorgeous in the snowflake centers. Now you gave me an idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. What a great card Tracy! Love the vintage look and you're absolutely right, a little card is a little more decadent than a tag!
    Love the rhinestone idea! Who can say no to a little bling! Love it girl!