Monday, December 27, 2010

Forced to join the fun

Hi everybody! I hope your stockings and Solstice mugs were packed full of frankincense and grog and art supplies!

Santa must have been looking the other way a lot this year, because I got my wish: Check out the brand new printer over there ... on the shelf where my old printer was only a week ago ... it's the HP color printer with built-in duplex and wireless features!

Can you believe this is my first ever color printer? Me who does nothing without color?

Ah well, some things take time and an offer too good to pass.

It's kind of like the deals at Alpha Stamps. Today and every day through January 2, the good folks over at Alpha Stamps are hosting a daily giveaway.

You have got to see what they have that's new and what they're offering at sale prices, let alone the enter-to-win products. I'm wondering what they'll have in stock after smart buyers load up their carts, and then Alpha gives out all of this stuff!

By the way, it's only fair to note that I found Alpha Stamps in general, and this giveaway particularly, by visiting Lynn at Trash to Treasure Art. Check out her blog that is packed full of some of the coolest art you'll see, and features lots of Alpha products.

p.s. Later this week I'll be showing off my very first printer-based project!

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  1. Nice write up for Alpha Stamps, you should win something just for doing such a great post. Thanks for the mention too.
    hugs Lynn