Sunday, June 19, 2011

A bonus project: Celebrate Mad Hatter Day with a Mad Tea Party, Altered Alice Style!

Sticky and dirty after a weekend camping trip, I'm quickly swinging through to show you this bonus project for the Altered Alice Mad Tea Party.

This month we're sponsored by The Artistic Stamper, who are giving away an amazing prize for the Altered Alice challenge. They also gave each of us on the design and guest design teams a stamp to use in our projects: The Mabel Lucie Attwell Mad Hatter stamp.

After finishing my main project, I just couldn't help to keep playing with this awesome stamp that is so deliciously detailed and perfectly cut! It needed to be used as an un-colored image with a monochromatic design.

It embosses perfectly and is, as you can see here, the ideal size for a small, mailable invitation or greeting card!

I think I really will be forced to host a Mad Hatter party just so there's an excuse to send this card to everyone we know ... of course it'll be this time next year since the October Hatter day is already filled for us this year.

Sheesh ... already scheduled months in advance. Things really are mad 'round here.


  1. Hope you had a fun and restful time camping, but maybe you can't do both! Yes, this would be perfect for a spot of tea party! Very cute! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Its a super stamp, it is just right for party invites. Yvonne xx